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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Software Programming

New lotto software named Bright for 5 6 number lottery games runs faster than graphical Windows.

II. An Offer You Can't Refuse: Reopening the Lottery Forum
III. Resources in Lottery, Software, Systems, Lotto Wheels, Strategies, Systems

Lotto 5 software for DOS, LotWon is a suite of lottery programs that perform fast and great.

Authored on March 1 & 12; April 7, 15, 2006.

• I made a mistake and I truly apologize for giving such high hopes. I apologize to all well intended users of my lotto software. I recognized a few respectful names that had already sent PayPal payments. The bad news is that they were vastly outnumbered by beggars or enraged bullies. I recognized the IP address of one or two of them among those who made PayPal payments!

I withdraw my special software offer. I discovered serious errors, especially in the strategy–checking utilities. I realized a few days ago how horrendous the errors were!

A little of the blame goes to the compiler. The help file warns, however:

Ain't no perfect programmer! The compiler should be a lot more cooperative, especially in fields such as lottery software.

Before I put down more words, I want every BRIGHT lotto software user to know that I just corrected the severe errors in Strategy5 and Strategy-6. Download the two programs as soon as you can. The error handling is far better. It warns you when your WS and MD reports are corrupt by no fault of yours. The corruption occurs especially insofar as the Ion5 and Ver4 filters are concerned. Each of those filters can reach sometimes values in the thousands. I had not predicted such occurrences. I saw Ion5 in lotto–5 reaching above 6000 (six thousand!)

At this moment, you have no choice but edit the erroneous filters manually. The strategy programs inform you on the errors. You open the MD reports and look for Ion5 and Ver5 in the thousands. For example, it is easy to notice strings such as 12+6666–. You only edit the 6666– string. The previous string becomes 12+ 999. Thus, you decreased Ion5 to 999- = a number to reflect still a very high filter value.

Nothing more for now. The following two programs are of use ONLY to those few persons who received from me the BRIGHT–5/BRIGHT–6 lotto packages. For the rest, Strategy–5,6 are useless.

Please download the lotto programs by clicking on the following links…

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Bright lottery software performs better, faster than MDIEditor Lotto software Windows.

2. An Offer You Can't Refuse: Reopening the Lotto Forum

I looked at my website stats for some time now. The number one error is, by far, the attempt to post in my message board (forum): There are days with over 5000 errors; i.e. attempts to post via:

form method=POST action="”

That action was disabled three years ago. First of all, it was about my time. I couldn't handle full–time the duties of forum administrator. Secondly, I am a person who can't handle stupidity well. That is, the stupidity of others. We all are idiots in most fields of knowledge. The key point, however, is the degree of stupidity. I have become more liberal in how I treat other persons' stupidity. But I still won't go beyond the 99% degree of idiotism that others display in a particular area! Especially I don't accept absurdities. Logic and reality are the determining facts of validity or absurdity.

I may reopen the channels of communication.

Back to the business on hand. I know for a fact that a number of software developers have written software to analyze the winning reports (WS) generated by my lottery software. Those WS files have been the object of thorough study and analysis. Nobody admits such activity. Nevertheless, some lottery programmers ask me about source code or just ideas on how to determine the dynamics of the WS files.

The lotto filters in WS files move or evolve according to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). At this point, a user can apply the FFG mentally only. The user can determine that a filter will change trend if it has been under/over the FFG median for a number of consecutive lottery drawings. Also, a particular filter will swing trend after a number of consecutive +/– in its column. Such determinations can be automated via computer programming, instead of manual (actually, mental) labor.

I can notice a serious interest in the new strategy checking lotto programs I offered as fixes: Strategy5, 6. There have been hundreds of downloads in less than a month. But I offered the Bright–5,6 lotto software to fewer than ten persons! Why so much interest? The two strategy checking programs are of NO use to users who do not possess the Bright lottery software packages!

I will offer as free downloads some of my programs not available to the public now. I will show how SKIPS determine the best lottery numbers to play based on the most recent skips of every number. I will also offer for free the new report generator (Report5 or 6).

The new offer requires cooperation, however. It shouldn't be my lottery-stuff contribution only. Others must make contributions as well. I possess a sharp sense of uncovering cheating. I will not get cheated anymore. I will not get fooled again by false promises. I want to see real lottery programs. I want to see really worthy ideas. I want to see more than a dozen persons interested in participating. If interested, email me with Bright Software Idea in the subject line.

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New lottery software requires paid membership to get absolutely all lotto software.

Editors Note: June 8, 2006

Nope! The programmers did NOT want to participate positively. They only want to participate negatively. That is, try to steal or beg!

I did receive a few positive messages. A few people seem to be willing to participate positively. Not very many, though…

Therefore, I decided to reopen a communication venue. For a handful of suckers, a would represent a means to literally… litter this Web site. Two hours, two dozen posters, two hundred new posts! The only purpose: Make navigation harder at this site; make it worse from the perspective of indexing (and ranking) by the search engines!

The forum I created at a different domain is pretty well organized. In fact, it has more functionality features than what was known as

A caveat: the new forum is not meant to be an answering machine for Ion Saliu regarding his lottery software and/or gambling theory/systems. It is a forum of peers. You want answers? You gotta give answers of your own. Everybody may ask but everybody must answer as well. It is all about GIVE and TAKE.

The new forum is located at:

It covers just about everything the primordial forum covered, but it is better organized in categories of closely related topics.

Browsing is available to all visitors. Posting requires registration. It is free and secure. Email communication inside the venue is available to all registered members.

Run the checking utility for creating the most powerful lottery strategies based on filters.

3. Resources in Lottery, Software, Systems, Lotto Wheels, Strategies

Resources in Lottery, Software, Systems, Lotto Wheels, Strategies

Lotto software, lottery software programs create winning strategies with multiple filters.

New lotto software for lotto-5, lotto 6 number lotteries offer winning strategies, systems.

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