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Google Schizophrenia: Business versus Personal

By Ion Saliu, Axiomatic Researcher At-Large

The Internet searching engine fiasco, failure, conspiracy: Money comes first.

I wrote previously on Google's turn towards Dinosaur's Roadway: "The sleep of Reason breeds monsters: The Internet search fiasco". Essentially, I make the strong case that Google lowers the quality of their search engine by forcing the webmasters to pay for Google advertising. I was right — but Google does one-up worse than that. The company mixes business with personal behavior. The personal side of (some) of their employees interferes with important business decisions.

So, reasonable visitors of this site asked me: “Ion, why don't you advertise with Google? After all, you are already an AdSense customer!”

I couldn't have agreed with them more — but not that time. For that time I agreed with them 110%. I did try advertising with Google a few years back. Matter of fact, I wanted to become an AdSense customer and AdWords customer at the same time. First, both of my businesses were approved: AdSense and AdWords. Shortly thereafter, both of my businesses were disapproved and my accounts were cancelled. The decision was signed by an individual with an Islamic name. I strongly believe I am right about it… the Muslim name. I have nothing against any religion, although I am critical of religion as a whole, without disfavoring any particular form of worshipping. They are all the same to me: An anachronism in human behavior, a leftover from old times of darkness in knowledge.

Other Google people, with more reason than emotions above their shoulders, decided that my website should be allowed to display Google ads (the business known as AdSense). I started to display AdSense on my web pages beginning May 2007. The number of visitors to my website started to drop dramatically thereafter! Mainly, the number of Google referrals fell in less than half compared to the time prior to Google ads at my site.

How could that be, super crocodilule? I asked myself. One explanation was the topic of the article I referenced to at the beginning of this page. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Google wants a huge number of webmasters to advertise the Google way: AdWords. Make no mistake: Google cares now a whole lot less about the quality of their search by comparison to the revenue. Granted, that's the business model of capitalism, and it has been the best business model in history. Quality is very important, but money comes first. After all, if the business fails — and all businesses fail in time — be sure you get in a situation of “Take the money and run!”

I applied again for Goggle AdWords. Once again, my business was approved and its status became 'Activated' (displayed in green in my account). The AdWords engine also generated for me a long list of keywords with a good success ratio (based on a history of searches). I wanted to advertise one of my software downloads site, the one dedicated to: "Software for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno, Euromillions".

After a couple of days, I received this message from Google:

"Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your account, we've found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not meet our guidelines. You can see your disapproved ad(s), the reason for disapproval, and editorial suggestions, from the Disapproved Ads page within your account."

Google's explanation:
"Content: At this time, Google policy does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain online gambling, gaming, and related content."

They are nuts! What online gambling, gaming do they see at my site? Au contraire! I advise the visitors against online gambling, gaming! The online casinos (the brick-and-mortar as well) deeply hate me for the truths I reveal and present. Make no mistake: The casinos would love me dead! Since I am alive — they hate(s) me! BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Could the Googgies be that stupid? Perhaps a large number (read: quantity) of them are insane! I responded to their denial in a philosophical manner known as reductio ad absurdum (reduction to the absurd):

"You are definitely SCHIZOPHRENIC!!! (Unfortunately for you, you don't understand such an…intelligent concept: Google yields the worst search results regarding that keyword!)

You run lots of lottery ads on my site -- yet, I am banned from advertising lottery software on Google!!!

I can see only one reason. One of your fellows, in charge of my region, is also a Muslim. My site discusses the TRUTH, including religion. I do not disfavor…worse any religion in particular. Muslims, in higher percentages, however, take religion far more seriously than do believers in other religious beliefs. Your fellow, who controls my region, and therefore my accounts, is prone to fanaticism. I'm sure he is the one who arbitrarily moved my business location from the U.S. to Spain! (Meanwhile, you do online business with me based on U.S. banking economics.)

The fanatic is the one who decided that many ads at my website should be Spain-related!!! He is the one who decided that all communication with me should be conducted in Spanish! (By the way: I love the Spanish language, the idiom of such greats as Cervantes and Garcia Marquez. I never studied Spanish formally, but I communicated humanely wonderfully with my former farm-working fellows from Mexico.)

Google is in a boom now. Enjoy your spring break! But you'd better read a few books on the history of computing. When the Googgies were in diapers (or even before womb!), a number of computing giants enjoyed the same bamboozling financial numbers. Hint: The likes of WordStar, Lotus, WordPerfect, AshtonTate (dBaseIII)…Microsoft soon to follow…then Google a little soon-after…

I only give advice…not medication for your schizophrenia…

Ion Saliu,
The Computing Psychiatrist At-Large
The Home Of Sanity At-Large"

It can only be personal. Only a person can change the address of a business and move it to a different country! No automated business system can do that. Google still sends me some messages in Spanish! Te amo, Espana…I love you Spain! But we talking business here! The ads targeted at Spain do me no good…and no good to the visitors from Spain who expect to find businesses suited for their needs! Furthermore, it can only be a human decision to move a number one search result web page to nowhere! A search algorithm can't do that overnight! I noticed how some of my pages were lowered from very high search positions to the second result page...or to the third yield page...but after years only...or, at least, after months...not days... and my web pages could still be found in the top 100 search results on the corresponding terms...

Again, well-intended people who are in contact with me, advise me to be more careful, especially with people from whom I can benefit (financially, that is). I appreciate the advice, but, honestly, I would betray myself if I would follow such pieces of advice. The reward has never played any (significant) role in my actions. I only care about TRUTH — nothing else and nobody else.

Perhaps I pay a little more attention (read: care) to people or organizations that can hurt me. That is, pay better attention to self-defense! When I lived under Communism, the most frequent piece of advice addressed to me was: "Be careful with those who can hurt you, especially deadly!" Still, I am alive (and pretty well, thank you), while the Soviet-era Communism is defunct now. (No, it's not me or any other human individual responsible for that desirable destruction — It is TRUTH!) Communist China bans me (and my ideas) from penetrating the Great Wall — Communism will die in PR China as well (and quite soon!) People from PR China already found ways to read me, even contact me. The Islamic Rigidity in the Iranian style will go the dinosaur's way pretty soon as well. Afghanistan is the compelling evidence. Microsoft bans my writings and me. The Totalitarian Republic of Microsoft is already in a fear-trembling state and tries to buy all kinds of bodyguards (e.g. the Yahoo buyout attempt in 2008). You might want to read a meaningful word or two on censorship, why it occurs, and why it always fails on a short notice: Worldwide Censorship On Basis Of Ideology, Religion, Money; Plus Other Stupid Pretexts (opens a new window).

I don't give a damn on potentially adverse actions from Google. Matter of fact, I started to remove Google ads from my pages. I might find other business deals in advertising. Hey, it is okay to find some ways of sponsoring your activities! If it were working like in 2007, the beginning of my Internet business, I would have enough revenue to only take care of my business, and not working for another employer. It is possible that I could conduct my business from my native Romania, where the cost of living is significantly lower than in the U.S. No doubt, dedication to an activity heightens the quality. Higher quality is beneficial to many other humans.

The visitors from MSN (Microsoft search engine) have no longer any impact on the traffic to my website. For all intents and purposes, MSN is dead in the year of grace 2008. Google still has the strongest impact, but it weakens continuously. Yahoo's share of referring goes higher by the month. The nicest surprise is Their share is continuously increasing. certainly needs more hardware resources, so that they can index more Internet sites (pages) — and do so much faster.

I can see the rise in importance of the word of mouth again. More and more referrals to my site come from email messages, message boards and forums, bookmarking sites, even social-networking websites. I rely on Google far, far less than just a year ago. They spit a lot of junk at the very top of searches that are considered financially advertisable! My most trusted form of gathering information is via asking direct questions in forums, bookmark sites, my message board, question-and-answer web sites (such as Yahoo Answers)… The portal died some five years ago (that's a long time in the Web Era!) The Internet search engines will die…possibly within five years. Take the money and run…if you can!

The search engines corrupted creativity, really! They force you, the creator, to manipulate the keywords, if you want to be discovered. I didn't have to do anything extra, like manipulating keywords, up until two or three years ago. Still, many more people were finding my website. After the drop in the number of visitors, I checked sites that were listed at the very top of the search lists. What did I do? I followed the business model that was granted the seal of approval from the likes of Google! I started to pay a lot of attention to the concepts of meta tags: Title, description, keywords. Perhaps there was something good in that. The titles and descriptions of my web pages are a lot more meaningful lately. But, overall, we are now in an arm race in keywords-in-the-content!

Nice try, Google! Nice to have met you!

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The Internet searching engine failure, conspiracy: Money comes first.

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