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Results, Draws, Winning Numbers in Mega Millions: Paid Permanent-Membership Required

Mega Millions lotto results, drawings, draws, previous numbers, history.

A results file (lotto drawings, draws, past winning numbers) for Megamillions (Mega-Million lottery).

Downloading the results, real drawings (draws) for the multi-jurisdiction lotto game known as Mega Millions requires a special type of paid membership: Permanent (Lifetime) Membership. The drawings are well formatted in text files that are ready to use by LotWon lottery software and MDIEditor And Lotto WE. Creating such Mega Millions data files requires a special kind of effort, is time-consuming, and thusly deserves a reward. Not to mention that a bunch of pirates used this type of results (drawings) files for their business by charging people for my efforts!

Please read the membership page for all conditions and terms of service: Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required.

The Mega Millions results (drawings), plus software source code, are listed here: Source Code for Software, Programs Created by Ion Saliu.

The best suited lotto software for Mega Millions is MDIEditor And Lotto WE. The super application comes with a sample data file with Mega Millions results (real draws): DataPB5. Open it via Menu, File, Open, or the Open button on the toolbar.

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Or, you can start with an empty file: File, New. Copy only the lines with the results as printed at this Web site. Do not leave any empty lines in your results file. The oldest drawing is the last line in the drawings file. The most recent (latest) draw always goes to the top of your data file for the Mega Millions game. Save the file with a name of your choosing: File, Save As, (e.g. Mega.dat).

When updating the Mega Millions results (history) files, copy and paste only the top line(s) not present in your file. You can also type the results, but be sure to follow the same format. The format is five regular Mega Millions numbers, in ascending order, separated by one or more blank spaces (comma is also acceptable). The sixth number in every line represents the Mega Ball Number (the yellow ball, as they show on TV).

A results file (lotto drawings, draws, past winning numbers) for Mega Millions (Mega-Millions, in multi-state lottery).

Read and write Mega Millions results, drawings, history, past winning numbers.       Content related to Megamillion history file, results, drawings, past winning numbers.

Mega Millions lotto results, drawings, draws, previous numbers, history.

Drawings, past winning numbers beginning of current Mega Millions game format.

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