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National Football League (NFL) Games Results, Stats in the 2011 Season to Super Bowl XLVI (46)

By Ion Saliu, Statistician At-Large

Print NFL schedule, results of professional American football, including the nfl playoffs, Super Bowl.

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The indicates the winner against the point spread (ATS).
The statistical parameters for the weeks not yet played represent data from the previous NFL season: Average score, point median, standard deviation. You can go back to past season results (scores) by following the links at the bottom of this page.

NFL schedule of professional football season 2011; results, scores.
    WEEK 1                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, September 8, 2011
New Orleans Saints at  Green Bay Packers                          34-42

Sunday, September 11
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Baltimore Ravens                           7-35
 Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns                           27-17
Indianapolis Colts at  Houston Texans                              7-34
Tennessee Titans at  Jacksonville Jaguars                         14-16
Atlanta Falcons at  Chicago Bears                                 12-30
 Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs                              41-7 
 Philadelphia Eagles at St. Louis Rams                            31-13
 Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                            27-20
Seattle Seahawks at  San Francisco 49ers                          17-33
New York Giants at  Washington Redskins                           14-28
 Minnesota Vikings at San Diego Chargers                          17-24
Carolina Panthers at  Arizona Cardinals                           21-28
 Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets                                  24-27

Monday, September 12
 New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins                           38-24
 Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos                                23-20

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	           22-25
                     Points Median:                    	           21-24
                     Standard Deviation:             	           10-9

    WEEK 2                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, September 18
Kansas City Chiefs at  Detroit Lions                              3-48
Seattle Seahawks at  Pittsburgh Steelers                          0-24
Oakland Raiders at  Buffalo Bills                                35-38
Green Bay Packers at  Carolina Panthers                          30-23
Baltimore Ravens at  Tennessee Titans                            13-26
 Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts                          27-19
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings                       24-20
 Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins                        21-22
Chicago Bears at  New Orleans Saints                             13-30
Jacksonville Jaguars at  New York Jets                            3-32
 Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers                           27-24 (OT)
San Diego Chargers at  New England Patriots                      21-35
 Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos                            22-24
 Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins                                23-13
Philadelphia Eagles at  Atlanta Falcons                          31-35

Monday, September 19
St. Louis Rams at  New York Giants                               16-28

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	          19-28
                     Points Median:                    	          21-24
                     Standard Deviation:             	          10-8

    WEEK 3                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, September 25
New England Patriots at  Buffalo Bills                           31-34
 Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings                              26-23 (OT)
 New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles                          29-16
Jacksonville Jaguars at  Carolina Panthers                       10-16
 San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals                       10-16
Houston Texans at  New Orleans Saints                            33-40
 Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns                              16-17
 Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans                              14-17
 Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers                        17-20
 Baltimore Ravens at St. Louis Rams                              37-7 
New York Jets at  Oakland Raiders                                24-34
 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears                              27-17
Atlanta Falcons at  Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         13-16
Arizona Cardinals at  Seattle Seahawks                           10-13
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Indianapolis Colts                       23-20

Monday, September 26
 Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys                           16-18

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	          21-20
                     Points Median:                    	          17-17
                     Standard Deviation:             	           8-9 

    WEEK 4                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, October 2
 New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars                      23-10
Minnesota Vikings at  Kansas City Chiefs                         17-22
 Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears                              29-34
 Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns                            31-13
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Houston Texans                           10-17
 San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles                      24-23
 Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams                           17-10
Buffalo Bills at  Cincinnati Bengals                             20-23
 Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys                                 34-30
 New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals                            31-27
Atlanta Falcons at  Seattle Seahawks                             30-28
Denver Broncos at  Green Bay Packers                             23-49
 New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders                         31-19
Miami Dolphins at  San Diego Chargers                            16-26
New York Jets at  Baltimore Ravens                               17-34

Monday, October 3
 Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                      17-24

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	          23-24
                     Points Median:                    	          23-23
                     Standard Deviation:             	           7-10

    WEEK 5                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, October 9
New Orleans Saints at  Carolina Panthers	                  30-27
Philadelphia Eagles at  Buffalo Bills	                          24-31
 Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars	                  30-20
 Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants	                          36-25
Tennessee Titans at  Pittsburgh Steelers	                  17-38
 Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans	                          25-20
 Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts	                  28-24
Arizona Cardinals at  Minnesota Vikings	                  10-34
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  San Francisco 49ers	                   3-48
 San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos	                          29-24
New York Jets at  New England Patriots	                          21-30
 Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons	                          25-14

Monday, October 10
Chicago Bears at  Detroit Lions	                          13-24

Open date: Baltimore, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington, Cleveland	

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	          22-28
                     Points Median:                    	          24-24
                     Standard Deviation:             	           9-8

    WEEK 6                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, October 16
Carolina Panthers at  Atlanta Falcons                            17-31
 Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins                      20-13
 Buffalo Bills at New York Giants                                24-27
Indianapolis Colts at  Cincinnati Bengals                        17-27
 Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers                     13-17
 San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions                            25-19
St. Louis Rams at  Green Bay Packers                              3-24
Houston Texans at  Baltimore Ravens                              14-29
Cleveland Browns at  Oakland Raiders                             17-24
New Orleans Saints at  Tampa Bay Buccaneers                      20-26
 Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots                          16-20
Minnesota Vikings at  Chicago Bears                              10-39

Monday, October 17
Miami Dolphins at  New York Jets                                  6-24

Open date: Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee	

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host	          16-25
                     Points Median:                               16-24
                     Standard Deviation:             	           6-6  

    WEEK 7                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, October 23
 Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans                              41-7
Seattle Seahawks at  Cleveland Browns                             3-6 
 Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions                                23-16
 Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins                                18-15 (OT)
San Diego Chargers at  New York Jets                             21-27
 Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                           24-18
(NFL game played in London, England)
Washington Redskins at  Carolina Panthers                        20-33
 Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders                           28-0
 Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals                        32-20
Green Bay Packers at  Minnesota Vikings                          33-27
St. Louis Rams at  Dallas Cowboys                                 7-34
Indianapolis Colts at  New Orleans Saints                         7-62

Monday, October 24
Baltimore Ravens at  Jacksonville Jaguars                         7-12

Open date: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New York Football Giants, Philadelphia,
San Francisco, New England	

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           20-22
                     Points Median:                               20-16
                     Standard Deviation:             	          11-16

    WEEK 8                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, October 30
Indianapolis Colts at  Tennessee Titans                          10-27
Jacksonville Jaguars at  Houston Texans                          14-24
 Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens                           27-30
 Miami Dolphins at New York Giants                               17-20
 Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers                          24-21
New Orleans Saints at  St. Louis Rams                            21-31
Washington Redskins at  Buffalo Bills                             0-23
 Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos                                 45-10
Cleveland Browns at  San Francisco 49ers                         10-20
 Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks                          34-12
New England Patriots at  Pittsburgh Steelers                     17-25
Dallas Cowboys at  Philadelphia Eagles                            7-34

Monday, October 31
 San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs                        20-23 (OT)

Open date: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, New York Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay	

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           19-23
                     Points Median:                               17-23
                     Standard Deviation:             	          11-7 

    WEEK 9                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, November 6
 New York Jets at Buffalo Bills                                  27-11
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  New Orleans Saints                      16-27
 Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts                           31-7 
 Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys                              13-23
 Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs                            31-3 
 San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins                      19-11
Cleveland Browns at  Houston Texans                              12-30
 Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders                               38-24
 Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans                          24-17
St. Louis Rams at  Arizona Cardinals                             13-19 (OT)
 New York Giants at New England Patriots                         24-20
 Green Bay Packers at San Diego Chargers                         45-38
 Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers                         23-20

Monday, November 7
 Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles                            30-24

Open date: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota	
                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           25-20
                     Points Median:                               24-20
                     Standard Deviation:             	           9-9 

    WEEK 10                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, November 10
 Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers                           24-17

Sunday, November 13
 New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons                           26-23 (OT)
 Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts                      17-3 
 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs                            17-10
 Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals                       24-17
 Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers                           30-3 
 Houston Texans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                          37-9 
Washington Redskins at  Miami Dolphins                            9-20
 St. Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns                              13-12
Buffalo Bills at  Dallas Cowboys                                  7-44
 Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles                        21-17
Baltimore Ravens at  Seattle Seahawks                            17-22
New York Giants at  San Francisco 49ers                          20-27
Detroit Lions at  Chicago Bears                                  13-37
 New England Patriots at New York Jets                           37-16

Monday, November 14
Minnesota Vikings at  Green Bay Packers                           7-45

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           20-20
                     Points Median:                               17-17
                     Standard Deviation:             	           9-12

* Note: Sunday-Night-Football (SNF) games in Weeks 11-17 subject to change. 

    WEEK 11                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, November 17
New York Jets at  Denver Broncos                                 13-17

Sunday, November 20
Cincinnati Bengals at  Baltimore Ravens                          24-31
Dallas Cowboys at  Washington Redskins                           27-24 (OT)
Buffalo Bills at  Miami Dolphins                                  8-35
 Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings                            27-21
Jacksonville Jaguars at  Cleveland Browns                        10-14
Carolina Panthers at  Detroit Lions                              35-49
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers                       26-35
 Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams                              24-7
Arizona Cardinals at  San Francisco                               7-23
Tennessee Titans at  Atlanta Falcons                             17-23
San Diego Chargers at  Chicago Bears                             20-31
 Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants                          17-10

Monday, November 21
Kansas City Chiefs at  New England Patriots                       3-34

Open date: Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Houston	

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           18-25
                     Points Median:                               17-23
                     Standard Deviation:             	           9-11

    WEEK 12                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, November 24
(The Thanksgiving Day tradition)
 Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions                              27-15
 Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys                                19-20
San Francisco 49ers at  Baltimore Ravens                          6-16

Sunday, November 27
 Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals                          20-23
 Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars                          20-13
 Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams                             23-20
 Buffalo Bills at New York Jets                                  24-28
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  Tennessee Titans                        17-23
 Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts                         27-19
Minnesota Vikings at  Atlanta Falcons                            14-24
Chicago Bears at  Oakland Raiders                                20-25
 Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks                         23-17
 Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers                            16-13 (OT)
 New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles                     38-20
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Kansas City Chiefs                       13-9 

Monday, November 28
New York Giants at  New Orleans Saints                           24-49

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           21-21
                     Points Median:                               20-20
                     Standard Deviation:             	           7-9 

    WEEK 13                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, December 1
Philadelphia Eagles at  Seattle Seahawks                         14-31

Sunday, December 4
Cincinnati Bengals at  Pittsburgh Steelers                        7-35
 Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                       38-19
 Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears                             10-3 
 New York Jets at Washington Redskins                            34-19
Atlanta Falcons at  Houston Texans                               10-17
Oakland Raiders at  Miami Dolphins                               14-34
 Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills                               23-17
 Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings                             35-32
 Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots                      24-31
Detroit Lions at  New Orleans Saints                             17-31
 Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns                            24-10
St. Louis Rams at  San Francisco 49ers                            0-26
Dallas Cowboys at  Arizona Cardinals                             13-19 (OT)
 Green Bay Packers at New York Giants                            38-35
Monday, December 5
 San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars                      38-14

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           21-23
                     Points Median:                               17-19
                     Standard Deviation:             	          12-10

    WEEK 14                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, December 8
 Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers                          3-14

Sunday, December 11
 Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers                            31-23
 Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions                              28-34
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  Jacksonville Jaguars                    14-41
 Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins                           26-10
New England Patriots at  Washington Redskins                     34-27
 New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans                          22-17
 Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens                          10-24
Kansas City Chiefs at  New York Jets                             10-37
 Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals                            20-19
San Francisco 49ers at  Arizona Cardinals                        19-21
 Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos                                 10-13 (OT)
Buffalo Bills at  San Diego Chargers                             20-37
Oakland Raiders at  Green Bay Packers                            16-46
 New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys                               37-34

Monday, December 12
St. Louis Rams at  Seattle Seahawks                              13-30

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           19-27
                     Points Median:                               16-24
                     Standard Deviation:                          10-10

    WEEK 15                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, December 15
Jacksonville Jaguars at  Atlanta Falcons                         14-41

Saturday, December 17
 Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers                          31-15

Sunday, December 18
 Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills                                 30-23
 Washington Redskins at New York Giants                          23-10
Tennessee Titans at  Indianapolis Colts                          13-27
 Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans                             28-13
Green Bay Packers at  Kansas City Chiefs                         14-19
 Cincinnati Bengals at St. Louis Rams                            20-13
 New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings                         42-20
 Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears                               38-14
 Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders                                28-27
New York Jets at  Philadelphia Eagles                            19-45
Cleveland Browns at  Arizona Cardinals                           17-20 (OT)
 New England Patriots at Denver Broncos                          41-23
Baltimore Ravens at  San Diego Chargers                          14-34

Monday, December 19
Pittsburgh Steelers at  San Francisco 49ers                       3-20
(Two power outages interrupted the Monday Night Football game.
Initially, people feared the cause was an earthquake.
In 1989, a devastating earthquake postponed the World Series of baseball.
The first game of the World Series was hosted by the same stadium, Candlestick Park, San Francisco.)

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           23-23
                     Points Median:                               20-20
                     Standard Deviation:                          11-10

    WEEK 16                                        Results (Scores)
Thursday, December 22
Houston Texans at  Indianapolis Colts                            16-19

Saturday, December 24
 Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens                            14-20
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  Carolina Panthers                       16-48
 Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots                          24-27
 Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs                           16-13 (OT)
Jacksonville Jaguars at  Tennessee Titans                        17-23
Arizona Cardinals at  Cincinnati Bengals                         17-23
 New York Giants at New York Jets                                29-14
St. Louis Rams at  Pittsburgh Steelers                            0-27
Denver Broncos at  Buffalo Bills                                 14-40
 Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins                        33-26
San Diego Chargers at  Detroit Lions                             10-38
 Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys                           20-7
San Francisco 49ers at  Seattle Seahawks                         19-17

Sunday, December 25
Chicago Bears at  Green Bay Packers                              21-35

Monday, December 26
Atlanta Falcons at  New Orleans Saints                           16-45

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           18-26
                     Points Median:                               16-23
                     Standard Deviation:                           7-12

    WEEK 17                                        Results (Scores)
Sunday, January 1, 2012
Carolina Panthers at  New Orleans Saints                         17-45
San Francisco 49ers at  St. Louis Rams                           34-27
 Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars                      13-19
Tennessee Titans at  Houston Texans                              23-22
Detroit Lions at  Green Bay Packers                              41-45
Washington Redskins at  Philadelphia Eagles                      10-34
Buffalo Bills at  New England Patriots                           21-49
 Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings                              17-13
New York Jets at  Miami Dolphins                                 17-19
 Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals                          24-16
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Cleveland Browns                         13-9 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at  Atlanta Falcons                         24-45
 Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos                             7-3 
Seattle Seahawks at  Arizona Cardinals                           20-23 (OT)
 San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders                           38-26
Dallas Cowboys at  New York Giants                               14-31

                     Average Score:     Visitor at Host           21-27
                     Points Median:                               17-23
                     Standard Deviation:                           9-13

      POSTSEASON                                   Scores

Wild Card Weekend 
Saturday, January 7, 2012
Cincinnati Bengals at  Houston Texans                            10-31
Detroit Lions at  New Orleans Saints                             28-45

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Atlanta Falcons at  New York Giants                               2-24
Pittsburgh Steelers at  Denver Broncos                           23-29 (OT)

Divisional Playoffs 
Saturday, January 14, 2011
New Orleans Saints at  San Francisco 49ers                       32-36
Denver Broncos at  New England Patriots                          10-45

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Houston Texans at  Baltimore Ravens                              13-20
 New York Giants at Green Bay Packers                            37-20
Conference Championships
Sunday, January 22, 2012
 Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots                        20-23
 New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers                          20-17 (OT)

AFC-NFC Pro Bowl
Sunday, January 29, 2012
Pro Bowl: AFC vs NFC                                              59-41

Super Bowl XLVI
Sunday, February 5, 2012, 6:25pm EST
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
New England Patriots vs  New York Football Giants                17-21

Once again, a great game between The New England Patriots and The New York Football Giants. This time around, the Super Bowl was even better played until the last second! New York Giants won again, underdogs again! Usually, the Super Bowl is not a competitive game, as only one team plays!

This event also had the best half-time show, performed by Madonna. In fact, I consider it the best show ever. It beat what I considered unbeatable the opening show of the Beijing Olympics 2008.

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NFL schedule and results in the 2011 season.

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New York Giants won the Super Bowl in NFL Season 2011.