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    The inspiration of this website is Socrates, the greatest Greek philosopher.   The content of this site is inspired by Socrates, the wisest of the mortals and gods ever.  I worship no gods here, nor do I worship humans. I only draw your attention to Socrates' dialectical method: Everything is a unity of two opposites. At the very beginning of the end there is the very end of the beginning: Infinite and Nothingness. Expansion created by the Big-Bang followed by Implosion created by the Big-Crunch and so on for ever and never. If A is legitimate, non-A must have legitimacy as well. For there is no logical foundation for the expression only A is legitimate; or, only Opposite-A is legitimate. I synthesize these statements in the Fundamental Formula of Philosophy:
             Creation = Destruction

    There are no principles (forces, in terms of physics) above or more general than Creation and Destruction. The creation of creation is still creation; the destruction of destruction is still destruction. At the next lower level, there is the unity of the opposites Energy and Matter. Matter represents relatively static states of Energy.
     I try to illustrate all this briefly via the science of gambling and snippets of computational psychology/philosophy. For gambling reflects so well the Socratic dichotomy: win and loss expressed in marvelous numeric relations. Very much as in life. C'est la vie... Please read on, for you will discover a mighty formula that can make a difference to your bottom line ( Gambling Formula). While on this subject, get yourself a free winning lotto system or strategy as well. The page also features the best lotto and lottery numbers generator. The combinations generated are highly optimized.

    Philosophy is definitely a union of two opposites or dichotomy, True or Untrue.   We follow next our dichotomy in human life. Not to shock anyone, I represent here the following paradigm: Humans as living computers (CompuPsychology). Frankly, the most truthful definition of humans is (you heard it first here, do not blame anyone else): humans are computing beasts. A greatest thinker, Aristotle, a disciple of Plato, who was a disciple of Socrates, defined the human species as Zoon politikon = City beast. Hence, Political beast. Hence, politics. I use the term beast rather than zoon, animal for a strong reason, which I will not explain now. As different as we are from the beasts, we must never forget that they are our ancestors, after all! And we definitely inherited their essence, which is the essence of all life: the Fear and Survival basic input-output system (BIOS -- you need to read the next page). What made humans such a special species was counting, computing. In the next paramount step of evolution, the computing beast honed its skills to become a calculating beast. We owe so much to cunning... Eventually, the number led to the development of speech. It fascinates me to watch lion prides in the African wilderness (the birth place of humans, Homo erectus). It is the most vivid and dramatic illustration of the Fear and Survival essence. For others, the most fascinating embodiment of Fear and Survival is humans at war. Remember how high the television ratings were during the Gulf War of 1990-1991? So, don't you even think of stealing my ideas, because I am truly a Tiger (according to the Chinese horoscope). As usually (and perhaps normally), I expect some negative, sometimes hateful, reaction to my words, ideas, even to my formulas and computer programs. And I sincerely thank you all. Be mindful of great mathematician Leibniz's motto. He said he was willing to walk 100 miles (or kilometers? or whatever?) to listen to his harshest enemy if there was something to learn from it. I assume Leibniz was also very well armed himself. He probably knew the meaning of fear and survival...

    Shopping constitutes a good online experience offered by Webmaster.   Also, you can shop online from this site. You can buy computer software, books, and music (Shopping). There is a customized online PC store as well. You can buy at competitive prices hardware, software, printers, scanners, and a lot more. You can even make hotel reservations and shop for best vacation packages. Additionally, you can download a versatile and powerful text/rtf editor and lottery analyzer: MDI Editor and Lotto (Contact and Gambling Formula). This excellent application is totally free to use for an unlimited time. After all, it's my own creation...

    A good website should offer a portal or directory of good resources.   This site offers you a great, no-nonsense Internet portal as well. The portal is located on the Contact page. It is the creation of noted computer columnist and guru John C. Dvorak.

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    Just think of the competition Intel has faced in the microchip world. We all enjoy the results of such competition: more and more powerful PCs at lower and lower prices! My attention has been caught by a bold but intelligent move in the software arena as well. Sun Microsystems ( has bought Star Division Corporation, the creators of StarOffice (as of September 1999). It is a suite of office applications very similar to Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Edition. StarOffice 5.1 is actually far better integrated than Office 2000 and it takes far less disk space: 165MB versus 500MB. The greatest advantage of StarOffice 5.1: it is totally free! Yes, a software package comparable to Microsoft's $500+ suite is completely free! I put it to a test and it has some great features, including a WYSIWYG Web page designer. It needs extra work on usability and organizing. You can download StarOffice at this address:

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    Have a good time! Hope to see you again!

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