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I. Options, Choices: Buy or Get Free Lotto, Lottery Software, Gambling Systems
II. Availability and Pricing of Licensed Lotto, Lottery Software
III. Availability and Pricing of Licensed Gambling Systems
IV. Requests for Custom Lotto, Lottery Software or Gambling Software, Systems, Strategies
V. Updates to the Content of the Site (Changes in One or more Pages)
VI. Updates to Lottery, Lotto, Gambling Software

News on terms, sale, pricing of lottery software, Powerball, casino gambling systems.

1. Options, Choices: Buy or Get Free Lotto, Lottery Software, Gambling Systems

I started by writing lotto software that I offered first as shareware. The shareware distribution method yielded negligible success to me. I tried also selling my software. There was some financial success; I increased the prices of my lotto software! The financial success dropped dramatically. I developed my software to limits unreached by any developer before me. I incorporated just about any lottery and lotto game, including the newer offerings: Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Furthermore, I decided to offer all my lotto software and lottery software for FREE! I have had great success in that regard. First and foremost, I became a well-known name worldwide, as a software developer and discoverer of theories and systems.

I followed the same path in gambling, theory of gambling, development of gambling systems and software. I sold a collection of roulette gambling systems. My roulette systems could have been easily adapted to other forms of casino gambling systems, including blackjack. I offered also successful sports betting systems and horse racing betting software and strategies. I found all my gambling theories on undeniable mathematics, probability theory, and, yes, statistics.

My gambling offerings faced really tough challenges… make it intimidation… make it threats! Keep in mind, I unsettled the casinos. The behemoths have huge financial resources created from losses by gamblers. The casinos ragingly hate when the gamblers are successful and win consistently. To make it brief: The casinos started to hate me. One casino chairman even threatened me directly, in my own forum! Even worse, I attracted the intense hatred of other gambling authors and developers. Their businesses were seriously threatened by my endeavors. First off, my offerings (systems and software) were solidly founded on mathematics, as opposed to their vaguely scientific creations. Secondly, my gambling systems were extremely cheap, compared to their outrageously priced weeds!

I took only one financial measure. In 2007 I decided to require a membership fee to download my software. All my software: Lotto, lottery, horse racing, sports betting, blackjack, roulette. I implemented what I believe to be the most reasonable membership fee. The software, however, is still FREE to use for an unlimited time, with no strings attached.

In a true way, you can still receive from me a lot of stuff for free. There is one special folder meaningfully named freeware. Read, study, analyze, and download Web pages with original, unique and worthy theories, systems, algorithms, formulas — all free. Yet, I ask you to just pay a reasonable amount to become a member and download my software (some source code included) and some lotto and pro football results. Considering the amount of software titles you are entitled to download, it all boils down to paying pennies per item! Not to mention that membership has special privileges. Future things I release, including discoveries, theories, systems, algorithms will be available to registered members only. Read the terms of service: Membership to Download Software, Systems.

Buy or get free lottery software, gambling systems?

2. Availability and Pricing of Licensed Ion Saliu's Lotto, Lottery Software

There is a lot of lotto and lottery software at my download site. There is no other place in the world where you can find better lottery, lotto software in such a large quantity and of such high quality. This is a sample of lotto software especially apt for the command prompt:

Bright software are collections of the best software for lotto, lottery jackpot games.

MDIEditor Lotto WE is not only a great-looking piece of software (“a piece of art”, a user said) – it is the most comprehensive application for lottery, lotto, Powerball-type games, Euromillions, horse racing, probability, statistics, combinatorial mathematics.

Lottery Software: Jackpot Lotto, Pick Lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno.

Availability and Prices of licensed gambling systems.

3. Availability and Pricing of Licensed Gambling Systems

For the best mathematical casino gambling strategy (approach) for non-system players, read:
Casino, Casinos: Gambling, Gamble, Win, Winning in Casino.

• The Occult Science of Gambling:
~ Fundamental Formula of Gambling and Limited-Step Martingale.

There is much more around here! You can find at this Web site great gambling systems. You don't need to buy anything. The winning gambling systems are free to read and study at your convenience! There is the free gambling strategy or system applicable to blackjack and baccarat. Moreover, the roulette strategy page offers at least three gambling systems. They are known as Free Winning Roulette System #1 and Free Winning Roulette System #2. The free system #1 has a second variety related to the Birthday Paradox probability applied to roulette gambling. Try them out, before you spend a lot of money on pricey gambling systems you find all over the Internet.

I give you this guarantee: My free gambling systems are much better than any other gambling system, regardless of prices! It's all about mathematics. You are fooled if you think that the huge prices of the gambling systems translate into high winning power in gambling. Take my word on it: All other gambling systems amount to just about nothing. No gambling author or developer has the courage to take my challenge: Test our gambling systems in a physical casino, in real play.

You can find at this web site something incredible: An Inventory of Free and Outrageously Priced Roulette Systems.

Some of them "roulette gambling systems" sell for over US$ 10,000! They are so bad — at any price — that they must be the devilish work of casinos. The suckers with big money and drunk–sick of illusions only trust high price gambling systems. “Give 'em to the suckers, fellas”, say casino executives who love to imitate the godfathers! Incredibly, some visitors blame… me because crooks cheated them! “Why didn't you warn me?” (and then I hear a curse leveled at yours truly from visitors). Be forewarned then…

Meanwhile, just look at this collection of roulette software and systems: BrightR. What you get in that roulette package is worth thousands and thousands of dollars in what you would have to pay to “the others”!

Casino Gambling Software: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Systems.

Gambling in casino, casinos, gamble to win: The best in mathematics, winning Martingale.

4. Requests for Lotto, Lottery Software or Gambling Software, Systems, Strategies

Big-time casino gamblers or lottery players who want much more, can't have it both ways: For free and also win big. No question, the software and strategies I offer (some for free) are really working. They are honestly founded on solid mathematics: Theory of probability, combinatorics, statistics. Similar goodies cannot be found anywhere else, even for huge amounts of money. I have knowledge especially of roulette and blackjack systems that sell for high fees, although they are founded on thin ice, at best!

Ion Saliu's Theory of Probability Book founded on mathematical discoveries applied to gambling, lottery, software, systems. Buy and read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to software for gambling, lottery, lotto, horse racing, sports betting, mathematics, statistics, and more.

Fee, Money for Lotto, Lottery Software and Casino Gambling Systems.

5. Updates to the Content of the Site (Changes in One or More Pages)

There have been so many updates (since 1998) that I can no longer present them on this page. A thousand Web pages at this site, maybe? Please check the forums formerly known as the message board ( There is now a link in the footer of every page of this Web site entitled:
Message board, forums: Software, lotto, gambling, probability, new writings. New Writings, Pages.
It is the place where I announce all new writings, including software releases. The forum itself has several index pages. The first index lists the newest additions to this Web site. The order of the indexes is from the newest to the oldest.

The content directories list the best Web pages on specific topics, interests, subjects. See also a directory of CONTENT at SALIU.COM. There are several content categories; each category lists the most important Web pages on the specific topic.

Sitemap lists almost all Web pages in the manner of search engines, HTML titles, description, URL. Visit also the sitemap of ALL pages at this website. There are several directories listing almost ALL pages of this site. Each directory of the sitemap lists about 50 Web pages, including subdomains. Each entry of a directory shows the clickable HTML title, plus a short description, and the short URL (e.g.

Buy or pay for upgrades to Ion Saliu's software for lottery, lotto, gambling.

6. Updates to Ion Saliu's Lottery, Lotto, Gambling Software

The software download site is now very well organized. It makes a clear and comprehensive presentation of software downloading, installing, running, and fixing (virtually all errors were solved in 2013). The software directory consists of seven content categories.
  • The main download page has a very important section of New Releases and Updates. There you go:

    Ion Saliu's Incredible DownloadsSoftware, Systems, Source Code for Lottery, Lotto, Pick (Daily or Digit) Lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, Horse Racing, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sports Betting, Gambling, Probability, Odds Calculators, Statistics, Mathematics.
    ~ Click on the link of the program you want to download, one title at a time. All applications are included in your membership fee; login to your account and download everything, any time, including all updates.

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