Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy, Life.

Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy, Life

By Ion Saliu, Father Incredibly At-Large

Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy, Life.

Written by Ion Saliu on July 4, 2000 (0 WE).

• There are people who come back to my site because they are interested in what I express. I am really flattered. A Greek visitor to my website is especially interested in my philosophy. I believe he is a Socratic himself. But he has wider philosophical interests. He sent me a brief message, with the following link:

The web page presents a fragment from Nietzsche’s "Thus Spoke Zarathustra": “The Way of the Creating One”.
Almost at the same time, my dearest daughter visited my website. She signed my guest book. I was really moved. But it brought to my mind the pain of “aloneness” – the theme of “The Way of the Creating One”.

I know of many cases of persons who were drawn into “isolation”, “solitude”, “aloneness” to fulfill an idea. Apparently, they could not resist such force. I always feared the emotional pain caused by “aloneness”. I always feared the emotional pain if I would be a father as lousy as Socrates was. Consciously, I tried to fulfill my idea without getting into circumstances of emotional pain. I thought I put my best mental efforts into it, but I was unable to avoid the path of “aloneness”.

Nietzsche’s fragment sounds mystical, unsettling at times. He talks about “killing” and “death”. The concepts are metaphorical. Old, unworthy ideas must be “killed”; that is, replaced by new, worthy ideas. That’s the path humankind must always take. He was badly misinterpreted because of his mystical approach. He understood how powerful mysticism was. He was dismayed at the power of religion over mind! He probably thought his message would be more effective if in a mystical, religious-like form. I always thought that Socrates’ approach has been the best. The message must have clarity, incisiveness, and relentlessness.

Most believe that our actions are totally the result of mental decisions. In my opinion, we are guided by what I call Fear_Survival. It contains both a mental department, and an important part biologically encrypted. Further, an individual can have choices. We choose in order to change; we change in order to adapt better. The influence of the environment over the individual is even stronger. As strong as an individual’s Fear Survival system may be, as brilliant as one individual’s mind may be, the environment might offer only two choices. That is, either take Galileo’s path, or take Giordano Bruno’s path.

I remember a dramatic event that happened in a Caribbean island n the nineteenth century. It shows how influent the environment is. The British abolished slavery. There was a group of slaves who simply didn’t know what to do with their lives as free humans. Shortly after being liberated, they returned to their former master. They petitioned him to take them back as slaves. The former master complied with the law and refused. The liberated slaves massacred their former master and his family.

Life is a fascinating phenomenon. It is a random phenomenon. It tries myriads of combinations, with myriads of results. Luckily, we are not that Siberian salmon species. The salmons enter the sweet waters of Kamchyatka every year. They mate and lay their eggs. Immediately thereafter, the salmons lie on the shore and die...

Probably the randomness in life attracted me to lottery and gambling. It represents a legitimate attempt to know the unknown. To me, the message sounds like “there is nothing that cannot be known”. The symbol is encompassing in my mind.

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Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy, Life.

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Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy and Life.


Nietzsche's philosophy of aloneness and a father's real life sadness caused by separation from his beloved child.

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