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Accept online casino advertising on Web site: Roulette bankroll.

Posted by Marc THIBAUD on July 06, 2000.

In Reply to: Roulette Strategy And Real-Life Testing posted by Ion Saliu on July 04, 2000.

: • Many know that I devised a roulette strategy that does win. I sold two versions beginning January 2000. I discontinued the operation in March. I came to the conclusion that it was best to keep the Super Roulette Strategy to myself, if possible. I was hoping I would save enough money for a workable bankroll. There are three factors that contribute the most to unsuccessful casino gambling, from a player’s perspective:
: 1) Lack of a scientific system;
: 2) Insufficient bankroll (opposing an infinite bankroll for the casino);
: 3) Playing very long sessions at a time, at the same table.

: Since the bankroll has been a serious problem for me, I thought of establishing a team. I would contribute the roulette strategy; others would contribute the money. I was in contact especially with two individuals, one American, one European. Both have in common a strong interest in gambling. They are also involved in the computer field, including programming. We had agreed on starting the operation in Europe. The European casinos offer better conditions for the player.
: I realized recently that my bankroll was not going in the right direction. My trip to Europe would have been way too expensive. Instead of spending the money on the trip and hotels, I thought the best gambling “strategy” was to go to Atlantic City. I can take a bus from my place, and the trip is virtually free (the casinos offer a rebate!). Then I would use my money to test my strategy. The selected participant would see how it works and join the team or not.

: So I invited the American potential partner to Atlantic City last Sunday, July 2. He confessed he was not a casino gambler. So he didn’t want to start the testing immediately. At the same time, I didn’t feel well at all during my trip. Other passengers complained that it was too cold in the bus. My partner wanted a more detailed explanation on how the strategy is played. He had the previous versions of my systems, but he didn’t have everything. Moreover, he had never played roulette. He had also feared that the casino management would ask us to leave, if we wrote down the spins in our notebooks. I assured him that the law was on our side. It is not an easy feeling, though, to become the center of attention in a crowded place.

The casino personnel and the patrons did look at us. But nobody bothered us, in any way whatsoever. My partner felt better and better. I tracked the spins at one table; my partner at a neighboring table. After a spin, I told my partner how I would bet the next spin. We started with the 15 spins already played and displyed and continued with some 30 more spins. I didn’t have a lot of time left. My bus would leave in a couple of hours. My partner wanted an analysis of how the strategy worked. He agreed that it was impossible for even the best casino consultants to figure out the roulette strategy. We discussed everything, including the probability of risk. We also compared the conditions in Atlantic City with European casinos. The European casinos would have allowed a more aggressive play, much more aggressive for more strategy parameters. My partner was ready to contribute the money right at that point. I had to leave, however.

: Playing moderately aggressively, my strategy would have one $150 at my table in 30 spins. Using an additional no-risk play, the system would have won $110. The no-risk play requires longer sessions sometimes. A bet is placed only when certain conditions occur. I had tested my strategy with the computer against one million spins or so. I tested also a few thousand spins from a European casino. This time the test was “in person, with a real notebook”. The strategy has not failed.

: I may do another test with the European, and possibly another American gambler. The all have already knowledge of my strategy. I don’t risk revealing too much and then be cheated. You know what I mean. There is another advantage to playing in a team, in addition to a larger bankroll. Playing in a team gives you more confidence. I would say three players is the ideal number. Two players can play at two roulette tables at once. The third player would be like the communicator in the team. The third player would also give breaks to the others. The three of them will rotate the duties.

: For the reasons explained here, I am not willing to sell any roulette or casino strategy.
: I received, however, requests from online casinos to buy advertising on my site. You know well my opinion on online gambling. I expressed it on the “More Gambling” page. I don’t like the idea to make money selling something I have a negative opinion of. Even if I received the other day this kind of an assurance::

Friendly. MArc

• Ion Saliu:
Salut, le copain! Way to go! Bravo!

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