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Casino executives, competing lottery software, systems authors: My hostile opponents

Casino executives and competing lottery software, systems authors hate and oppose mathematical theories.

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 25, 2000.

In Reply to: Availability and Prices of Gambling, Lotto, Lottery, Software Systems, Strategies posted by T. Jackson on April 25, 2000.

Disappear? Where? We all live in the same global village, thanks to the Internet. Many of us spend a lot of time in one global computer room. So, where specifically did you look for me and couldn’t find? And WHEN specifically?

There are some who always wanted me to disappear. It’s easy to figure out who they are: they are casino-affiliated or involved in the lottery business (software, systems, scams). But they only represent a negligible minority. Most people, however, want me in the open, presenting all my ideas openly. They understand that in my endeavors the truth is above anything and anybody.

As of your question, I do not have anything for sale. I only have a roulette systems package for licensing. The licensing is costly and is not available to anybody affiliated with a casino. One must sign and notarize an agreement. As Reagan and Gorbachev used to state when they met: "Trust but verify."

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Stop distributing your lottery software, gambling systems!

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Then he cursed me even worse, for my gambling on the horse!