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A lotto player presents unreal lottery results of skips in data file.

Posted by Sam on July 17, 2000.

Hi Everyone,

I justed playing with software recently and I wanted to thank Ion for making LotWon99 lottery software available to all of us. But I am confused about the skip numbers since I ran the software for the 100 lottery draws for 6/49 and come with about 43 lotto numbers to work with. According to most of your writings I understand that I should have about max. 25 numbers to work with. What am I doing wrong?
Also re the filters I used the basic example available in the writings and ended up wit 3 out of 6 in last lottery draw. How do I narrow down my combos with the filters?
What should be put in ANY5 and so on?


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Lottery software, programs, lotto software and error 62, programming errors.

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    Lottery software, programs, lotto software and error 62, programming errors.


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    The work of filters in Ion lotto software is very effective in reducing combinations.