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Lottery and lotto software galore for free to run

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Mathematics

Ion uploaded the best and most powerful lotto-5 and lotto-6 software you could imagine.

Posted on April 26, 2000.

I opened the floodgates! I uploaded the most powerful lotto-5 and lotto-6 software you can imagine at this time. One caveat: There is NO documentation, I have no documentation whatsoever. But don’t worry: Trust your intelligence and creativity! Hopefully, many of you will win big prizes and will share with me bona-fide. We shall see the degree of fairness in the world.

The programs are located at my download site:
The Software Download Site.

1) The programs in the first group generate the so-called “winning reports”. The reports show how the filters fared in the past (i.e. what levels they reached for the past drawings). You select the filters for the next drawing taking a good statistician’s look at the filters.

2) The programs in the second group generate “wheels” for all the numbers in the lotto game (or wheel only a few numbers).

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Membership is required to download the all-time best lottery, and lotto software.

• The software at this web site is NOT free to download. Paid membership is required in order to download Ion Saliu's software. The membership fee is negligible when compared to similar software packages. Without a bit of a doubt, the Ionosphere software you download here is far superior to any software products in similar categories: Lottery, lotto, gambling, Powerball, Mega Millions, probability, statistics, and combinatorics. Moreover, some of the software titles you find here are absolutely unique. You will not find similar programs regardless of prices. You may download all the software titles during your yearly membership, including all upgrades and updates. It all boils down to about 10 cents per title. You will NOT find a better deal on the planet!

• • The software you download, however, is FREE for you to use during your lifetime. I wish you the longest of quality lifetimes! The Ionic software has no crippled features, and no strings attached. The software is not shareware: It is totally freeware. Read more: Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required. You need a PayPal account or a credit card to pay via PayPal.

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3) The programs in the third group generate an unusual type of combinations. I called them “shuffled”. The programs “shuffle” all the numbers in a lotto game like a deck of cards. If the lotto game has 48 numbers, the programs will generate groups of 6 numbers per combination, 8 combinations per group. The shuffling programs use the same filters as the wheeling programs.
SHUFFLE.EXE – this program is purely random in combination generation; it can also randomly shuffles text files. Be sure to name the shuffled file differently if you want to preserve the original.

4) The programs in the fourth group are miscellaneous utilities. Among other features, the utilities can do a thorough statistical analysis of a lotto game.

I recommend you run these programs at the DOS (COMMAND) prompt.
Of course, you need data files: ASCII (text) files of drawings for the lotto-5 and lotto-6 games. Usually, the programs can be interrupted by pressing the function key F10.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

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    uploaded the best and most powerful lotto-5 and lotto-6 software.

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