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Ion thank you for making me a lottery winner !!!

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Mathematics

A player in South Africa Lottery thanks Ion Saliu for his great lotto software and lottery software.

Posted by Frank on July 27, 2000.

Hi there Ion,

I live in South Africa and our national lottery only started in March of 0 WE. I played it from the start and downloaded so - called "proven" lotto - generators. These generators only helped me in losing much more and out of 17 draws I only won the smallest amount twice. I did another seach for helping me in the lotto (6/49) and came across your web site. After reading a bit of the background I downloaded the program and are now pleased to report that I have won in both the following lottery drawings with an average of 6 combinations of 4 out of 6 and in the last lotto drawing even a 5 out of 6 combination. My profit with these winnings are over R10 000 (Rands - our currency {$1 = R7}). So thank you Ion for making me a lotto winner!!!

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A lotto winner using Ion's lottery software won in South Africa.