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Lotto info and skip string analysis

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Posted by Ed Meier on August 03, 2000.

Hi Ion: Found your lotto information on the net. Believe me, are you sure you know what you're talking about? Do you realize that to wheel 20 lotto numbers at 6/6 is something like 38,750 combinations? You say that 90% of the time 3 numbers have appeared or shall appear from the last 15 lottery drawings in a 6/42 lotto. Stack packing 15 Jacks, and crossing off commons may very well leave 35 numbers, probably somewhat less to perm. Just what I need, another wheeling system like a hole in the head.

In addition, one could select lotto numbers from the last five games and say win,then wait 50 lottery drawings before selecting again. Are you out of your mind? How are we to know wheather it's the 50th drawing or not? You Sir have some tall explaining to do. OK, I am an amateur. But I see many weakness with your lottery theory approach. Notice I don't say lotto system, because it's no system. It's just a bunch of theory. Also, just how much do you want for your info? I can't find the price anywhere. Well "Blue Skies for now.

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Lotto systems based on skips (drawings or draws without hits. Lotto software to create lottery systems based on skips.


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