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Lottery post on martingale pick-3 system resembled Steve Player's

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Posted by Ion Saliu on August 05, 2000.

In Reply to: Lottery Post on Martingale Pick-3 Lotto System posted by Daniel on August 04, 2000.

• Quiniela is a game of very limited interest. It appeals to only a small percentage of the visitors of my website. As I mentioned many times before, I want to keep this BBS clean and easy to find info; info that’s useful for the majority of the visitors.
As of your lottery method of playing Quiniela, it is not a Martingale – luckily for you! You have a sense of the MEDIAN in a series of skips. In general, you start playing at median-2 and stop at median+2, if your pick-3 digit doesn’t hit. Then you find another digit at median-2, etc. In the long run you’ll still lose. You must use FILTERS to reduce down the combinations. I made a more detailed presentation on the Newsgroups.htm page.
Amigo, please read the Newsgroups lottery software and spreadsheet page and use filters.

Mucha suerte!

Ion Saliu

: You removed my messages with comments on my martingale (and with tests of my successes) but you admit messages of impertinents to who they don't care the statistics and martingales anything and they only come here to make publicity.

: You have really disappointed me because in the same way that I considered you a specialist in statistics of games of chance, I also considered you a tolerant of the other people's ideas.

: Well, because you are here the boss you can reserve yourself the admission right, the same admission right that you don't like that it is applied in the casinos.

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