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The Concept of Probability Median or FFG Median

Probability, Mathematics, Gambling Formula, FFG, Median.

Posted by Ion Saliu on August 08, 2000.

In Reply to: FFG Probability Median Concept posted by Gil J. Abanil on August 08, 2000.

• I remember you. You are referring to Jai alai, I suppose. I learned it is played in the U.S. as well. If you can, send me more info on the lottery or gambling game. Of course, I am curious to see how you use neural networking. There are many searches on Attrasoft at my site. Some suggest the software tries to imitate my lottery approach. Is it piracy of my probability theory? I don't know, 'cuz I ain't seen nothing yet.

Good luck!

Ion Saliu

: Am so sorry, my mind not like others. Others, please do not read what I write. Yet what you say in FFG may be applicable even if the result has human intervention.
: In the Philippines, there is no pick 3 lottery, but the result is like pick 3. Result is determined by unscropulous (spelling OK?) businessmen. The result is dependent on the amount of bets. The result is determined by humans, you like it or not, though they say it is not.. FFG remains OKems( Okay) and the results follow your theory.

: That is the median of the result, not the mean. I may choose the one side of it or the other. The problem is when to bet after the skips, (though determined by human computing beasts). Using the Fundamental formula of Gambling (FFG) lesses 50% of the time. Problem is when of the 50% that you will earn. I onced used the neural system to of astrasoft in relation with your FFG.

Probability, Mathematics, Gambling Formula, Median, Jai alai.

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Probability, median, Jai alai with neural networking software.

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