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Use the Internet to update state lottery, lotto drawings, results, data files

By Ion Saliu, Lotto Historian At-Large

State lottery, lotto drawings, draws, results, history.

Posted on August 11, 2000.

In Reply to: Illinois lotto data posted by A. Kelinson on August 11, 2000.

: Does anyone have access to Illinois lotto information that can be automatically input into either the DOS or Windows lottery software, systems?

: I would appreciate any and all responses.

: Thank you.

The lottery website of the state of Illinois is primitive at best – for the Web Era. It doesn’t serve the player well. The site only publishes a few results.
You can use a search engine for the job. Your best option is to use a metasearch site, such as ( It polls the most popular search engines. Search for “Illinois lottery”, or “lottery results”, or “lottery drawings”. I received a number of results for my quick search. You can try this link:
The problem is, the drawings are mixed up, instead of being separated by game, like in Pennsylvania. But first, I recommend you read the “Help” page of my website. You can use “MDIEditor and Lotto” to copy-and-paste, then edit your data files. It's recommended that you check your data files before using my software. Of course, I created freeware to help you check your lottery data files for correctness: PARSEL. Read the message Software to correct most errors in lottery data files.

Here is again how I take advantage of the Internet to update my data files.
A very important fact: I do not provide lottery data files, or lists of drawings, or past winning numbers! It is solely the responsibility of the user to create and maintain his/her lottery data files. Not to worry: My software makes it very easy to create and maintain lottery files. They are just plain text (ASCII) files. Nothing can be easier than to type or copy-and-paste lottery numbers one line at a time! LotWon disregards the dates of the drawings, since they have absolutely no correlation with the numbers drawn.

Search Google on lottery results, state lotto drawings, past winning lotto numbers, Powerball results, Mega Millions winners, etc. You can use the Google search boxes placed here for your convenience. One of the search boxes is configured to specifically handle searches on SALIU.COM.

The ASCII (simple text) format is the universal data format that works with many types of applications, both in DOS and under Windows. It represents absolutely the easiest way to create data files. If other lottery programs work with ASCII data files, then their drawings files can be used by my software. If not, see if other programs can convert their data files to text format. If not, there is nothing I can do about that.

The Internet, however, makes it easy to create lottery drawings files in ASCII format. You can search on the Internet for the keywords "lottery drawings" or "lottery results". You can also search for a specific lottery, such as "New York lottery" or "CA lottery" (for California, in this example). Usually, the abbreviation of a state is part of a lottery site, such as (for Pennsylvania lottery, as an example). The lottery drawings are also available in newspapers and on television.

Go to a site that posts lottery drawings. Most if not all lottery commissions post the results of their lottery drawings. Here is how I do it in the case of Pennsylvania lottery. I logon to this address: Of course, the URLs are not eternal. The addresses change more often than desired, but that's life. You might need to delete some page names, going towards the home page (right to left). Keep searching!

I choose the game for which I want the results. If I create a new data file, I select all the drawings that the site has to offer. Then I use the copy and paste features of the Windows clipboard. So, I copy the selection to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Next, I open my own application "MDIEditor and Lotto". I paste the data I saved to the clipboard (Ctrl+V). It looks like this:

Wednesday 10/13/1999 14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
Saturday 10/09/1999 15, 20, 34, 42, 53, 60 payout information
Wednesday 10/06/1999 13, 23, 25, 28, 42, 59 payout information
Saturday 10/02/1999 11, 20, 26, 27, 28, 56 payout information
Wednesday 09/29/1999 7, 18, 34, 38, 46, 59 payout information.

My software only uses the numbers (digits) of the drawings, without the dates or any other text. Therefore, I need to edit the data above: eliminate the text I do not need. I just select the text and press "Delete".
Wednesday 10/13/1999 14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
The line becomes:
14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
I press "Delete" again and get the drawing-only line:
14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55

This is the final appearance of the data file:

14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55
15, 20, 34, 42, 53, 60
13, 23, 25, 28, 42, 59
11, 20, 26, 27, 28, 56

In many countries, the comma (,) may not be a valid field delimiter. The blank space, however, is a universal field delimiter. You can use MDIEditor to replace all the commas with blank spaces. Select the entire drawings file. In the replace box, type , in the "Replace what" text box. In the "Replace with" type one or more blank spaces. Click OK. Then press the function key F5 to do a full replace.
Make sure you don't leave any blank line in the file, none at all.
Now, I save the file, for example DATA-6.

When I need to update the file with the newest lottery drawings, I logon again to the site. This time I only select the drawings from the most recent one down to the line I copied the last time (without including that drawing again). Note on a piece of paper the date when you updated your lottery files last time. I start again MDIEditor Lotto and open the file DATA-6. Press to start a new, blank line. Paste the data from the clipboard and repeat the process described above. At the end, delete the blank lines and save the file. Your situation may vary depending on how your favorite site displays the lottery drawings. In the end you should have a file with lines consisting of lottery drawings only.

State lottery, lotto drawings, results, data files over the Internet.

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State lottery, lotto: drawings, past results, winnings numbers over the Internet.

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