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Posted by Ion Saliu on September 04, 2000.

In Reply to: Median, prediction, lottery filters posted by Aponizuma on September 04, 2000.

• The median is the most reliable when used with the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It is similar to coin tossing. Half of any filter values are under the median, the other half above the median. The FFG column is p = 1/2. If a filter was under the median 2 times in a row, the chance is over 75% that it will be above the median the next drawing. The chance of a “switch” is even greater (90%) if a lottery filter was in the same “region’ 3 drawings in a row (region: under or over median). The same is true when considering the increase/decrease (+/-) of filters (the pick-3 lottery W files only). You will notice that no more than 10% of cases, a filter had more than 3 consecutive drawings in the same region (either + or -).

For the pick-3 game, this strategy can be enhanced further. You can combine both the median and the +/- flows. For example, if you see 3 consecutive “+” and the filter above the median, the chance is even greater than 90% that the filter will be “-" the next drawing. In reverse, 3 consecutive “-“ and the filter under the median will lead to a “+” the next lottery drawing (over 90% of the time).

I kind of hesitate to give away all the details of applying FFG. I still need to think of my interests first. In any event, FFG is available to everybody, at any time. Just work with it and you’ll find many applications and answers… You can see, however, that very few people are willing to share their experiences with others. I know for a fact that some have found ways to interpret FFG that even have surprised me…

Ion Saliu

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The filter medians are reliable in predicting next value and thus create lottery strategies.


Fundamental Formula of Gambling is the most precise and useful instrument in analyzing random events.

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