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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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Posted by Ion Saliu on September 04, 2000.

• Indeed, there was an error in calculating the lotto odds — if playing the number with skips under the FFG median (read "Comparative lottery lotto software programs + Strategies"). I was referring to lotto 6-49 games. “The result is 3.35 in 10 million, or about once in 1,000,000. Well, the odds are better than playing 6 random lotto numbers (1 in 13,983,816), but they are still impractical.” My key point was “impractical”. Of course, if you apply the Fundamental formula of Gambling (FFG) in detail, the degree of certainty DC = 54% that a lotto 6/49 number will repeat within 6 drawings (5.98, to be more exact!). The odds will be something like 1.78 million to one (not 1 in 1 million). The other point is that plying lotto that way will slash the odds by 4 or 5 times.

Some wanted to know how to use the same strategy with free online lotto games. I said: “What free online lotteries?” So, visitors to this site have known about such free lottery games but kept it secret! Is that fair? I understand that too much competition may not be a good thing in this regard. However, in all fairness, we should have shared that type of information. So, I did my own search and I discovered a few free online lotto games. I don't keep it secret. Here are some links: (click on lottery, after you register; the game is

They draw 6 lotto numbers and 7 numbers. You need to keep two separate data files for each site. For example, I have xlotto.6 and xlotto.7. Unfortunately, the sites don't make it easy to copy-and-paste the past results. You do it one day at a time (you can use MDIEditor and Lotto for that, as explained on the “Help” page). makes it the hardest to work with their past results. The numbers are, actually, GIF files! You must type the drawings manually in MDIEditor Lotto WE.
(My files are not available. I might charge a fee for distributing them, after each file has at least 100 drawings.)

The strategy I presented on the LottoWin.htm page and the thread Comparative lottery/lotto software programs+ Strategies 101 is the only way to play the free online lotto games. You are allowed to play only 1 to 5 combinations. So you need to use the skip chart. The odds will be reduced considerably. For the 6/64 xtremelotto game, the odds go down to 1 in 7 million. The 7/64 game will have lotto odds reduced to 1 in 35 million (reduced, huh?). The FFG is yours to use, you can do many calculations with it.

You need also use the least file. It doesn't make sense to play the worst lottery pairings. You can also use some lottery filters, especially the four and/or five. MDIEditor Lotto WE is not the best tool for that. You should use LotWon (Command Prompt lottery software). The latest incarnations are named Bright or Ultimate (integrated applications).

You can play the same lotto combinations for longer periods of time, as long the skip charts show that the numbers you picked are still under the median.

The best part is the games are free… nobody knows for how long!

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