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Posted on September 08, 2000.

In Reply to: Degree of Certainty ? posted by El Loco on September 05, 2000

: Hi,

: Can someone make me a table (like the one on your site - degree of certainty) if p=7 (6/42) or tell me how to do it myself?

• Doesn't it mean “crazy” in Spanish? Ah, you are crazy about formulas…
Just use FORMULA (or, better still, SuperFormula) to create a probability/degree of certainty table for anything you can imagine. The program is on the software download site. It pays off to look around a big website, such as this one.

You must be at the COMMAND prompt. Type:


Then press {Enter}. (I don't know why I go in such simplistic details today…)

Select 1: FFG, then select 2 (let the program calculate p).

Type 6 for the 1st element, and 42 for the 2nd element of the fraction.

Select any DC (degree of certainty) you want to. For example, type 50 (for a 50% DC). The program calculates N. Write it down. Run FFG again. Type again 6 and 42. This time try a degree of certainty of 75. Next try degree of certainty DC = 80, or whatever DC you want (greater than 0 but lower than 100).

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The degree of certainty DC is essential of the essence in probability theory.

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