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Fake, False Roulette Gambling Systems, Fraud, Cheating, Stealing

Roulette Systems, Licence, Price, fee - beware!

Posted by Ion Saliu on September 08, 2000.

In Reply to: I have roulette systems posted by RPC on September 08, 2000.

"I have"... You have nothing. So far... You must show us something. Something that you know what roulette is about. Show us a little detail to convince us that you are not a scammer. Some mathematics will do best. You don't have to detail your gambling system. In my case, I made public, for free, a roulette system that does win and it is based on mathematics. But that does not tell a thing about my real roulette strategy.

If you continue to post the same message again and again, I will consider you a spammer. I will deal with it accordingly. After all, you posted your...postal address. I know also your IP address. Believe me, I hit very hard when the situation requires. And I never regret it, because I know when I'm right. And 'cuz I am reasonably patient and understanding.

Ion Saliu

: I believe that 99.9% of the gambling systems out there cannot beat the game--THIS ONE CAN!! I have also been the victim of the worthless roulette gambling system purchase, I do not want to foster that on anyone. So here is what I have decided to do. I will sell to only the first 200 people to order with this guarantee. Test the method as outlined against any roulette game--Double Zeros--IT WILL WIN! Single Zero IT WILL WIN! Take it to a casino, follow the betting guidelines,you will win at least $5000 the first month or I will refund the $500 (five hundred dollar) purchase price, plus pay you $500 for wasting your time. If you are interested in being one of the two hundred to get this roulette method please send Five hundred dollars U.S. Cashiers check, Money order, or personal check (check must clear before system sent) To: R P C Solutions, Green Bay. Also I will not be responding to any of the roulette message boards.

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Beware of scandalous and fraudulent roulette systems!

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Roulette Systems, Licence, Price, fee.


Fake, false roulette gambling systems, fraud, cheating, stealing.

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