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Posted by Ion Saliu on August 25, 2001.

• Here is another unsolicited message from a user of my software:

“Dear Sir,

I would like to congratulate you for the freeware program (MDIEditor and Lotto Ver8.00) you provided.
I have used the program for the Australian Tattslotto 6/45 for about 5 times and I won the 2nd Division prize today (Sat 25/8/2001)!  And it happened to be on the same day we put down our deposit for a piece of land - unbelievable!
Once again thank you and please let us know how we can support your web site etc.
Warmest regards,

H. C.”

I never duck when faced with the negative, nor do I avoid the positive. Truthfulness is the only thing that matters to me. I won't play the modest guy hic et nunc.
“MDIEditor and Lotto” is a powerful lottery program. It is a high-powered package when compared to any non-LotWon software packages. “MDIEditor and Lotto” represents, however, a small fraction of the power of other LotWon packages. Compared to the latest LotWon-632 software, “MDIEditor and Lotto” offers no more than … 1% of the firepower! You have read the posts on the 'killer lotto strategy' and the 'wonder-grid'. "MDIEditor and Lotto" is unable to tackle such tasks. In addition, LotWon-632 uses a number of much more powerful filters, based on new algorithms. I do not exaggerate when I assess LotWon-632 as 100 times more potent than "MDIEditor and Lotto", especially at winning the jackpot.

•• I make hereby a special offer. You can buy the ahead-of-the-pack version of LotWon-632. It is NOT a beta. It is a fully functional package. What's missing is the tutorial. The version is aimed at LotWon users who can work with other versions of LotWon without any problem. Namely, they face no difficulty in creating/updating the data files, creating the winning reports, and running the combination generators. They can perform the essential tasks blindfolded. Their only concern now is acquiring more and more strategies. Just using the latest strategies posted on my message board will offer enough weapons to beat the odds. Not any kind of beating, but beating with the goal of winning the jackpot.
The buyer of this special version will receive the tutorial and the definitive version at no extra cost as soon as everything is ready.

This offer will be withdrawn as soon as I hit the jackpot. For I shall write the book, plus other big books.

Still, you are bound by an honorary promise that you will share with me half of your first jackpot.
It is likely that 5 of 100 of the buyers of LotWon-632 will hit the jackpot within one year. I believe in this statement. It is one strong reason I still want to sell the best of my software. I have been testing the new software with an extremely tough lotto-6 game, with odds worse than 119 million to 1. I have played just 5 tickets, and hit 3 winners. I have seen, however big jackpot hits within around 1000 combinations; sometimes far fewer. I only select now from the FFG median zone. I shall expand, however, for it may be my calling.
Among lots of options, look at the new BUN6 filter. You can set it to Median * 6 (or 7). It hits 3-4 times in 100 draws. The filter is so tight that it does not generate any combination sometimes. But it does offer hits other times, in few lines!

The new LotWon-632 is 32-bit software running in text mode, at the command line, under Windows 95/98/NT4/2000. It may not work with future versions of Windows. Apparently, the (unspoken) goal is to kill (definitively!) the character-mode software. Just keep the current version of your 32-bit Windows!

LotWon-632 consists of three types of combination generators. POWER632 works like the old 16-bit programs POWER-6, PURGE-6 and SHUFFLE-6 (in a single program now). WHEEL632 generates wheels: '3 of 6' to '6 of 6'.
The 'shuffle' option puts all lotto numbers in 'clusters' (groups) of 6-number lines. Every lotto number is played, but based on filters.
LOTTO632 generates combinations in ascending order. Two methods are used here. First, the program generates all the combinations in the C(N,6) set, from 1-2-3-4-5-6 to (N-5)-(N-4)-(N-3)-(N-2)-(N-1)-N. Of course, filters are applied.
Second, the program generates combinations within ranges of numbers, position by position. That method is presented in detail on the Newsgroups: Excel Spreadsheets, Lottery Software, Lotto Programming page.
There is also a strategy checking utility: STRAT632.

Oh, yes, I thought it was obvious: LotWon-632 does incorporate UTIL632. Apparently, it wasn't so obvious to others. What's default for me means something else to others! Of course, UTIL632 is included in LotWon-632. Since UTIL632 is a 32-bit lotto-6 application, it must belong in one place only: LotWon-632. In case you already paid for UTIL632 and also ordered LotWon-632, you'll get LotWon-632 for $50 - $20 = $30. You WILL get back the $20 initial payment. I would prefer a PayPal account to do so.
And, hey don't assume your handwriting is legible! It's best to send an email message that you ordered LotWon-632 by snail-mail. Include the clickable link of your email address! It is a nightmare sometimes trying to decipher people's handwritings!

I experienced some painstaking moments while writing this software! The usability, however, is one beneficiary. The screens present now information so useful that leads to near error-proof usage. Most tasks are completely automated. You still need to manually take care of the data files. You still need to use your brains in selecting the strategies. You know a whole lot more by now, so everything is far easier at this time. Even without a new dedicated and up-to-date tutorial.

*** The lotto-5 game has a similar package available: LOTWON-532.

The current tutorials are more than sufficient for the users these packages are aimed at. The tutorials incorporate also some of my messages on the bulletin board. I do not include other people's messages for copyright reasons. You may read those messages without any problem, however. None of the people who already ordered the “ahead-of-the-pack” packages have had any problem so far. They won't. Some of them already received two versions. The second version, with some improvements, is also the last version. It will be the final version for a long time. The tutorials are the only work in progress. The tutorials avoid the 'novice user' issue altogether. The basic issues represent a serious irritant for the advanced users the packages are aimed at. No more than 1000 users worldwide will be accepted. A large percentage of them will win the jackpot, GUARANTEED!
In respect to the early users of this software, the final fee will not be less than US $100 per package. Also in respect to the users of this software, I will not offer such software as freeware for a long time to come.
These two packages do NOT work with PowerBall or Keno games.
I may not be held responsible for changes in the lotto-5 or lotto-6 games of any user of the LotWon-632 software. I have no control over any lottery commission.

One more thing on the 'wonder-grid'. Some users reported this: You do in UTIL632 a 'top 5' reporting for N*3 past draws. If you check the 'wonder-grid' against all the past draws in your data file, the results are astonishing sometimes. "Yeah,” some say, “but it was after the fact!" So, your data file has 500 draws and you did the 'wonder-grid' reporting for the top 147 draws (for a lotto 6/49 game). The 'wonder-grid' shows jackpot hits in draws beyond the 147 mark! Those drawings were totally unknown to the report! They are totally unknown, therefore they behave like random drawings. The future drawings are also totally unknown to the 'wonder-grid' report. If the 'wonder-grid' hit the jackpot in past draws beyond the reporting range, it should hit the jackpot in future draws equally, at least. In fact, the jackpot probability for future drawings is higher, since the report is for an ongoing trend.

Today, August 25, 2001 I sent out the very last freebies of my programming career. I reached a roadblock in my mental and physical resources, on one hand. On the other hand, I almost enslaved myself to my generosity. I was even asked blank point: "How do I dare selling software instead of updating my freeware?"
I shall still send a freebie or two in exchange for really worthy ideas, strategies, suggestions. Unfortunately, the “ideas” I have received lately are jokes, at best. Of course, I am such an absent-minded “genius” that can be easily fooled into sending out freebies in response to any trick!


The UTIL programs are included in LotWon532/632. See also:
What's New.

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Ion Saliu

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