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Texas Lotto6 Lotto 6 Change: from 50 to 54 Balls

Texas Lottery: Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto Change: 50 to 54 Balls.

Posted by Ion Saliu on October 10, 2000.

In Reply to: To Ion: Lotto6 from 50 to 54 balls posted by MBoggs on October 09, 2000.

: Two months ago, the lottery here in Texas went from 50 to 54 lotto balls. Is there something I need to do in order to take this change into account in the program between the 2 types of datasets? Or do I treat them both identically?

: Thanks.

Always change the data file for the new format (54 numbers, in your case). Backup the old Data-6 file first, if you want to keep it. Next, generate a SIM-6 file for the new format (54 lotto numbers, generate 4200 combinations). Then, start typing the real 54-number drawings in a new Data-6 file.
Nothing works properly if you mix lotto formats in the data files...
Good luck!
Ion Saliu
I'm in a hurry to go to work. My previous post didn't go properly. I have also a hard time some days to connect to the Internet. then, I am disconnected automatically in less than half an hour...

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Texas Lottery: Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto Change: from 50 to 54 Balls.

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Players must change their results, drawings data files as the lottery game format.


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