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Set lottery filters to reduce the number of lotto combinations

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Posted by Scrooge on November 01, 2000.

Hi there everyone,

I've installed Lotwon99 lottery software quite a few months back and have since then played around with the lotto filters. I've started by putting in one lotto filter at a time and then adding another one until I had the most filters I can use and still be able to generate a few lotto combinations. This worked fine in the begining but after a while my winnings stopped. After that I've tried filters with the median for that lottery filter as input, only the filters that increased from the previous lottery draw or only the filters that decreased (this although is not a wise decision). The problem I'm now facing is that I'm generating far too many lotto combinations for me to play, which again nullifies the program since I'm back at guessing. DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW TO MINIMISE THE LOTTO COMBINATIONS WITHOUT ELIMINATING ALL THE WINNING ONES?

Thanks for your input in advance.

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