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Why would casino dealers work honestly when they could cheat at roulette for big money?

The casino dealers could make millions by cheating at the roulette table. A gambler shows how easily the dealers could make millions if cheating was possible with the roulette wheel.

Posted by x-man on November 16, 2000.

To those of you who believe in casino dealers being able to roll the ball in roulette into the pocket of their choice, consider this. If that were possible why would they be working in a stinking casino for peanuts. Just have your buddy put 100 dollars on roulette number 17, roll 17 pay him $3500, let it ride, roll 17, pay him 122,500, let it ride, roll 17 he walks away with over 4 million dollars, split it up later, wake up!

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    Cheat at the roulette table by the croupiers (casino dfealers).

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