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Breach of contract: Illegal use of Ion Saliu's roulette strategy and systems

Breach of a roulette gambling contract by a signed user of Ion Saliu's Super Roulette Strategy. The casino gambling contract is per one person only.

Posted by Ion Saliu on November 16, 2000.

In Reply to: Test Ion Saliu Roulette-System posted by Lutz on November 16, 2000.

: Hallo,

: some times ago I posted a message to this forum regarding the roulette system of Ion
: Saliu.

: My first impressions were very good, and I have thought to have found the holy grail.

: Unfortunately after testing on real spins the tests have shown that the roulette system in this form
: is not a consisting winning gambling system.

: I am very disapointed - but the truth has to be published.

: Mr. Saliu don't accept my test - it seems that he is too much identified with his "creation".
: He has never published a test over longtime by himself.

: It is a pitty.......

: Lutz


First of all, you broke a legally binding document. Not long ago, you wanted more roulette, especially roulette strategies from me because you have a friend who is a programmer. You and your friend wanted to add features to my strategy. Meanwhile, you signed a document stating that you would not show my roulette gambling system to anybody. I expressed my anger at you, and you did not take it well. Today, in an email, I asked you to destroy any forms of my strategy - in writing or on your computer. As soon as I receive the written confirmation, I will send your money back. But you will not be off the hook. You will have no right to present my strategy to anybody. We live in two separate jurisdictions, but the arm of the law is long.

As of your tests, they have no validity whatsoever. You mix different tables: You mix parallel events with sequential events. I am not sure you understand this fact at all: You play at one table at a time! If you play at more tables, you keep track of the spins separately, and apply the strategy separately. Even under those flawed circumstances, you have NOT shown any evidence of a loss! You have no evidence of a loss! You are in this situation. Yes, there is a probability for "Heads" to come out 100 times in a row. There are some that will be willing to wait a lifetime for that event to occur in order to prove something. Besides, I honestly describe in my systems the 1 in 1000 losing situations.

You have the right to express your opinion. The way you just did it does not conflict with the law. That will always be the case as long as you do not offer any detail on my systems. I don't think I need to mention that you are not allowed to use the systems any longer. Of course, they are so bad that you already discarded of them!

I'm learning a good lesson. Indeed, in other cases, some were able to force my hand by sending me cash. They certainly realized I was a man of integrity. You followed the same path. Prior to your order, you simply "bugged" me with a sequence of irritating gambling questions. I stopped responding to your emails, actually I blocked your emails. Then, out of the blue, I received your cash. From now on, cash or not cash, the envelopes will be disregarded if I so decided. The cash will surely end up in a trash bin at the post office. I think I did it before. To whom it may concern: Never, ever send cash. It may well end up as trash.

Ion Saliu

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