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False tests of roulette gambling system to intimidate and piracy

A customer who tested illegally Ion roulette gambling system allegedly had negative financial results, but no real casino data were provided.

Posted by Lutz on November 17, 2000.

Hallo Ion,

You have agreed that I show your roulette system a friend to programme the software. Please remember your Email from 29. Oct. 2000:

Re: News
Sun, 29 Oct 2000.
"Ion Saliu"
"Lutz Mehlhorn"

Lutz "Am-O-Mita-Tu...":

Thanks for informing me on your plans. Everything sounds good. There is
something, however. As you signed the gambling contract, you may NOT show my roulette system to anybody
else. Unless, I agree.

I have got still other tests about your system. Different gambling strategies were tested. I dont mention exactly whichone, because
I dont want to publish tthe roulette system here. I offer you to get the whole test if you want.


Homburg 85 -10367 233783
Homburg 86 -10629 194445
Homburg 87 748 232964

Saldo: -20248 661192 -3.06%


Homburg 85 -2457 79611
Homburg 86 -2501 67985
Homburg 87 -107 71711

Saldo: -5035 219307 -2.30%


Homburg 85 -4681 181801
Homburg 86 -5151 160311
Homburg 87 -556 176992

Saldo -10388 519104 -2.00%


Homburg 85 -689 149751
Homburg 86 -2407 132923
Homburg 87 -556 150494

Saldo -3840 433168 -0.89%


Homburg 85 -1182 54426
Homburg 86 -1466 48482
Homburg 87 -401 49217

Saldo -3049 152125 -2.00%

As I have published my posting yesterday I got a Email from a customer who has also tested your roulette gambling system with negative results.

Ion, it is up to you to publish a serious test of your system over at least 50 000 spins which prove the contraire. It is no problem to make big words about your gambling system - be integre and serious - and show us the test.

Best wishes for you


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This is the typical reaction of the would-be pirates of my gambling systems and/or lotto, lottery software. These are some of the would-be pirates of Ion Saliu's roulette and gambling systems: Lutz, Kelly, Chip...or Kulai, Kotskarr, Karaklonchah… I learned all too well this form of cheap intimidation. It has never worked with me. For the most part, the would-love-to-be-pirates folded up shop and fled.

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Would-be pirates of Ion Saliu's roulette and gambling systems: Lutz, Kelly, Chip, Erik...

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