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Posted by KM on November 18, 2000.

In Reply to: Software to sort lotto, lottery drawings files in descending order posted by John Civitan on November 12, 2000.

Paste your column data into a statistical analysis program like MS Excel spreadsheet, Minitab, SAS or SPSS. Then do a "sort cases" either ascending or descending as you prefer. Or you may look at this page:

members. johnp71/javastat.html
(PS from Ion: So, that's who you really are, KM! Does everybody have to spy on me? Oh, boy! You cant trust nobody these days, now, can you?)

It has statistical freeware and shareware and much more in the realm of statistics.

(i.e. Klitser - Yet-Another-Spy? - KM became something like johnphp77 or so... a new lottery expert in the 3rd millenium... his own website, plus expert poster in lottery forums...)

: Do you have any time to write a program like your sort-34, only I need to have it sort a column from new at top/old at bottom, to old at top to new at bottom. I need this so I can put into Brainmaker's net program. Any help anyone, please let me know the charge for this.

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Software to reverse order in lotto, lottery results files.

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