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"Ion accepts the idea of his roulette systems be tested, crticized, debated, even hated!"

Ion gladly accepts the idea of his roulette systems be tested or questioned. He developed his gambling theories because of debating, criticism, even hostility.

Posted by Ion Saliu on November 19, 2000.

In Reply to: "Ion Saliu's doesn't want his roulette theories and systems to be questioned"? posted by paulsy on November 19, 2000.

: I don't think Ion likes any of his theories to be questioned.

• UR dead wrong, baby. Do you like other people count what’s in your pocket? That’s another way of stealing...

Ion Saliu

I do know of your sexual preferences. You published them on the Internet. I have NO problem with it. I don’t care of Socrates’ sexual orientation (he was gay, like Plato). I don't have to follow Socrates or anyone else in everything. I am my own man; I'm proud of it. You are resentful because of my remarks on Socrates' orientation. You should reprogram your mind, especially when your philosophy goes against the laws of the laws. Try to think on how the Universe functions (the Unity of Two Opposites)…


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• • • Follow Ups From Lutz, in 2001 • • •

"Hallo Ion,

Being interested in the roulette-research I was looking for other approaches in the big field of predicting of so called random-numbers. I have to make you, Ion, a big compliment: Your side has so many worthy ideas and discussions I have not seen anywhere else. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Second idea: Somehow roulette is "easier" because I have only to predict o n e number to win - and not 3-6 numbers which have to appear togehter. That means that I could look to the last five roulette-numbers 2-6-7-20-37 and could look for this number which is fitting the best either to the last 1, 2, 3 or which fits the best to all five numbers - taking the number-history of the last 1000 or 2000 spins which tells me which pairings are the best, and which are the worst.

Best wishes


"Hi Ion,

great that you have already developed something in this direction.

If you want or need real spins not only from Hamburg - I can send you also real spins from casinos of Dortmund, Travemünde, Hitfeld, Baden-Baden, or Bad Homburg.

Best wishes


• Ion Saliu: I have no problem with anybody who straightens up after a wrongdoing. We all make mistakes. It's important to realize our mistakes and change our ways.

AS LONG AS our existence is not threatened! If it is--we'd better kick the bully between the horns first and never wait for apologies!

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