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Roulette System Worthy Contribution by Frank Barstow, Beat The Casino, Super Martingale.

Posted by Michael Lewis on December 18, 2000.

Hello Ion,

I enjoyed your site very much, a good read. The free roulette system you offer rather reminds me of another system by an author named Frank Barstow... Beat The Casino. It has a 1979 copyright and is rather difficult to obtain. Are you familiar with this work?

In his book, he presents a Super Martingale system which I have used profitably in the casinos (one of the very, very few which seem to win on balance).

He proposes that streaks of repeat sequences have rather definite life spans. To take advantage of this phenomenon, he instructs to begin a mini-martingale near the end of such a streak.... i.e... if you observe 6 or 7 reds in a row...begin a 1-2-4-8 betting progression on black... which will produce a 1 unit profit at any point.

He points out that during many thousands of even-chance decisions ...there is a decline in these sequences going beyond 7 in length....even more than the laws of probability describe. This, he says, is what makes the system profitable in the long run. He supposes that the rules of the game (craps or roulette) are what slightly tweak the mathematics from what would otherwise be true randomness.

It reminds me of the spins results between like numbers in your roulette system. I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you for your very enlightening information. Take care!

Michael Lewis

Formula leads to Super Martingale betting systems in casino gambling.

Frank Barstow's Super Martingale roulette system is a worthy contribution.

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Frank Barstow Super Martingale casino gambling is based on patterns and progressions.

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