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Powerball lottery discovery: Need for algorithm, software, cooperation

Powerball lottery discovery: Need for algorithm, software, cooperation.

Posted by Karl Malmberg on December 22, 2000.


A while back I did some serious non-linear analysis of Powerball lottery data when I had nothing better to do. I found some rather curious phenomena therein that one may be able, in conjunction with your programs and/or expertise, to lower the lotto odds in one's favor--perhaps significantly. I propose an information exchange if this is indeed the case. For basically I accidentally found a perfect correlation of numbers 1-5 with a another non-related output value. Since probabilities are in the 80 million area, one would have to have an independent variable that would be accurate to at least the millionth's decimal point and/or be able via an accurate enough prefiltering process to eliminate combinations that are impossible , previously drawn, and unlikely I theorize. One would then retrofit those combinations generated, via a properly filtered wheel, into the algorithm I have in mind. If all went well, then the most correct combinations would then output closest to the ideal independent variable value. Will discuss in detail via e mail, but will not on this forum.

Karl (Klitser)

A lottery player skilled in statistical analysis fields, made a discovery in Powerball lottos.

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