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Card Counting Never Dies in Blackjack

By Ion Saliu, Founder of True Mathematics of Blackjack

Blackjack card counting is religion, including author, vendor, instructor D.G. Doug Grant.

Posted on December 26, 2000; later updates.

• I just read a new perspective on blackjack card counting. This time, the writing offers excerpts from legal depositions. It is about the so-called “card counter catchers”. They have some expertise in blackjack and card counting. Allegedly, the Nevada casinos pay them big money for their expertise. I was somehow shocked to see well-known blackjack authors and card counting “authorities” among the "catchers". Evidently, they have been unable to make any money counting cards at the blackjack table. So, they try to make good living chasing counters of lesser caliber.

I am also shocked by how seriously the casinos take card counting at blackjack. I demonstrated mathematically in previous posts that card counting leads to virtually nowhere. The only advantage would be for those who track both the Tens and also the Aces. The chance of a blackjack (natural) increases slightly for both the player (and the dealer too). The difference is the player is paid 150% for a natural, while the dealer always gets 100% for a blackjack. Granted, the dealer also faces an ever so slightly higher probability to bust if there are more Tens left in the deck; meanwhile, the player can stand on lower counts. The increase in player's favor are, again, very tiny. And the blackjack player must have a huge bankroll in order to take advantage of the slight advantage.

I still believe that the publicity around blackjack card counting serves the purpose of adding to the advantage of the casinos. Just picture this. All card counting authors, including those casino-hired “catchers”, recommend dumb plays in order to mask the card counting skills. Thus, any slight advantage a card counter might get is given back to the casinos, and then some!

Would I turn into a casino consultant? Never, ever. I told you before that intimidation has been used to silence me with regards to gambling science. It hasn't worked, it never will. Now I notice the usage of nice diplomacy. I still believe it serves the purpose of getting me to speak less and less of gambling science. It goes like this: “Ion, you're doing great, thanks. But answer me this, please... ”And then I am posed an irritating sort of question. Of course, after several times I should get tired and fold it up. Just close the shoppe down, baby...

Here is the link at Google newsgroups Blackjack Card Counter Catchers Speak! in forum: rec.gambling.blackjack. Read the dedicated Web page:

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There have been legal cases where blackjack card counting is disproved mathematically.