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Lottery Player Thinks Lotteries Are Rigged, Fixed, Fraudulent

Lottery is government-protected rip-off: Huge odds, huge house advantage, unchallenged monopoly.

Posted by Barry Whittington on January 17, 2001.

Please don't consider me a skeptic of you and your software when I ask how much money you've actually won playing the lottery, using your software or not.

If I'm skeptical of anything it's the so called "randomness" of the drawings. Particularly of Powerball after the combination 09-19-29-38-49 was played 3 drawings ago. Not to mention the fact that when the Powerball prize was at $140 million dollars or so a couple of months ago, surprisingly the winners were from New Mexico, which had only just recently been added to the Multi-State Lottery.

In my own state of Indiana we have a 5/36 daily lotto game and I've been successful twice in the past month of picking the right combination of 5 numbers when I don't play. When I decide to play I always seem to be just a little bit off never getting more than 2 numbers, yet the other numbers being just a hair away from my sets.

What I'm beginning to believe is that the lottery has different sets of numbers that it may play, depending on how they want the prizes distributed, and whether or not it's apparent that a certain combination of lottery numbers running were randomly selected by the player or chosen based on patterns and mathematics.

For instance if I'm pretty sure of 4 numbers and am undecided about the other 1 and choose to play my 4 with 5 different last numbers. The prize for 4 numbers in the game is $200. My running 4 of the same numbers with 5 different other numbers says that I'm sure of 4 and expect to be paid at least 5 times $200 dollars. So the computers immediately switch to another of the possible combinations for that day that are just off from what I played.

Yesterday I played 05-09-12-17-26. Unsure of 12 I also played 05-09-17-19-26. Unsure of 9 I also played 06-09-12-17-26, and 06-09-17-19-26.

The numbers drawn yesterday: 06-12-18-25-28. I gather that the last thing the folks running the lottery want to happen is for someone to be able to say they actually predicted instead of guessed the winning numbers. So they go to great pains to ensure when a winning combination is picked nobody having that ticket expects that lotto combination to be a winner.

Many lotto players believe the state lottery is fraudulent.

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A lottery player is skeptical about the fairness of lottery in general.

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There were very few cases of rigged, fixed lottery draws, including Pennsylvania Lottery.


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