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A Brief History of My Lottery, Lotto Experience with Software, Systems, Strategies

Is Lottery Rigged or Government-Run Rip-Off?

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

My lottery, lotto experience, history using systems, strategies, software.

Authored on January 17, 2001.

In Reply to: Lottery player thinks the lotteries are rigged posted by Barry Whittington on January 17, 2001.

• I came to the United States in April of 1985 WEB. I read for the first time my local newspaper a few days after my arrival. I saw then in the Gettysburg Times the results of the Pennsylvania lotto 6/40. Curiously, some winning numbers had personal relevance, such as the street number and the apartment number I had left behind in Romania… Was that an omen?

I started work on a tree nursery and orchard. One day, a Porto Rican gave me some lottery materials and tickets. He said he had a hunch I was a lottery expert! I could not drive at that time and I rode a bicycle to work. The Porto Rican would give me sometimes a ride to the food store. But first we would stop by a lottery agency and buy lotto tickets. We won the very first two tries, 4 out of 6 (pretty good third prize). I used the same non-computer system I used in Romania. I worked as an economist in the early 1980s. Communist economist was really an oxymoron. I didn't have serious work to do, or nobody took seriously an economist's job. So, I spent time, at work, developing gambling systems. The soccer pools represented the number one job.

Secondary, I analyzed the lotto games as well. My system was based on the most frequent pairs, triads and 4-number groups. Two of my colleagues, an economist and an accountant, saw the numbers I came up with. They played the lotto numbers without even asking me to participate. They won serious money, by local standards. I was kind of peed off, as they didn't share a dime with me!

In America, I saw immediately the huge potential of the mighty personal computers of those years. I started with a Sinclair (16 KB!) I moved up to an Atari 800 XL (64 KB of RAM!). Another Porto Rican joined our lotto club. He was born in 1925 and I saw him still working a couple of years ago. He is a songwriter extraordinaire. He inspired my singing in Spanish (it's on YouTube). I put my Atari to work and we won a few more times 4 out of 6. Then, a day many others remember: February 12, 1986. My lottery programs had to be very short to fit in RAM. The programs were based on my soccer pools system. The Italian soccer resembles the lottery quite a bit. I noticed that patterns such as X1X1 tend to repeat, while patterns like 2222 do not.

My lottery programs would generate lotto combinations of 9, or 12, or 13 numbers each. The programs would eliminate patterns as above. The computer would slowly but steadily run for days and nights. I would stop the program soon after coming back from work, about two hours before the lotto drawing. I selected the combinations at the bottom of the screen. Then I applied some of my lotto wheels.

The Porto Rican who started our lotto venture had a son. And that son had nothing better to do on February 12, 1986 but visit his father! So, my colleague said he did not have time to wait for me to fill out the lotto tickets for that drawing. We decided to play the previous combinations again. Had we played the new lotto combinations, we would have hit a 3-million dollar jackpot! The very last 12-number combination started with the 6 winners! To make it short, we suffered a shock. We were even mocked by our colleagues for weeks to come. Read the presentation of that incredible event: Lotto Strategy, Software: 12-Numbers Combinations in 6-Number Lotto Games.

I realized then, however, how powerful computers were and how capable of amazing things. I took very seriously lottery programming, computer programming in general. I moved up to a PC and compiled BASIC. I won a few more times, playing on my own, or with others. Possibly I am a perfectionist, because I couldn't stop sharpening the programs. Maybe such tendency has stood in my way of playing the lottery more consistently. I don't think I played more than $50 a year in lottery in the past 3–4 years. I believe I am ahead some $2000 playing the lottery. But that's only around $200 a year! I have been also busy with other forms of gambling, where my success comes easier.

My response to Barry Whittington's concern: I believe the lottery drawings are fairly conducted for all intents and purposes. But I remember there was fraud right here, regarding Pennsylvania Lottery. They rigged a couple of lottery drawings. They made a movie about those events, starring John Travolta. I think the movie will start playing soon. (Actually, it was cancelled! Fraud again, anyone — or just government pressure?!) As of the demographics fix Barry implies, it sounds too shocking to me. That would constitute conspiracy and it would surface in a short time. The lottery is still unfair, nonetheless.

Read Ion's lottery, lotto experiences, history using systems, strategies, software.

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Historical presentation of lottery, lotto experience using systems, software.

Ion Saliu won the lottery several times with his own software, systems, strategies – and colleagues.

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Read the presentation of that lottery strategy, software: 12-number combinations in lotto 6 games.