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Posted by Karl Malmberg (Klitser) on February 06, 2001.


I ran across a free site that might interest you or some of your admirers. Basically one can custom design their own lotto wheels there. They're probably not as good as yours, but if anyone is still scratching their head over how to input any/ver filters for your lottery wheels then perhaps this one is the next best thing:

Also as per my last email, I have analyzed many lotto numbers and it appears that using your any/ver outputs in conjunction with your wheeling parameters and my algorithm filtering method has some merit. However, it's totally dependent on your "any" filtering which is unsurpassed. It seems to me that by studying the any filter history one notices that, historically, certain numbers seem to have an afinity. Thus if 4 lotto numbers seems to be either side of 12 often, for example, and 12 was the last any filter value for the 5 of 5 position. Well, you get the point. I take the filter numbers your wheel makes and then filter them again through my lotto algorithm to ideally make a small enough pool that isn't prohibitve financially to play.

I just have to say, that the more I re-examine your lottery theories and technology the more impressed I am. I hope my humble contributions were worth your attention. I am only recently acquainted with this lottery theory and you are clearly the master of lottery on the web bar none. Thanks for the lessons. I'd like to take a stab at sports betting too eventually? Can you recommend any sites as superior for stats and odds? Thanks.


The Admirer and The Critic play games, gamble (lotto, lottery).

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