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Questions on filters in lottery and lotto software

Questions On Filters In Lottery, Lotto Software.

Posted by GD on February 20, 2001.

Hello, Mr. Saliu:

First time poster here, so please excuse any redundancies. I appeal to your better nature to be patient.
I have downloaded Medieditor, and I have been able to analyze several hundred cases of lottery data with it easily. Good job, Mr Saliu. I think I understand how to use Medieditor's stats. to generate optimized lotto5 combinations fairly well...the optimizations however..., but let me summarize your instructions in my own words insofar as I understand them with the hopes that you'll correct me in those areas where I have gone astray:

1-Enter lottery data with most recent cases starting at top.

2-Click on "stats"/and then click "Lotto5" and then I enter my 800-case lottery file entitled "Lotto5_todate"

3-Since I have inputed 800 cases of lottery numbers previously, when Medieditor asks "How many drawings to analyze," I assume I should input all 800 drawings which it already shows in the query box anyway.

4-Next, for "Biggest Lotto-5 number" input, it seems self-explanatory; whatever the largest number is in the drawings: in this case, 39.

5-Next, click "OK" and after Medieditor's analysis is complete, it displays said analysis.

6-The next step is where I am a little shaky; the optimized lotto 5 filtering inputs. I understand your directions to be as follows:

7-Now that one has the Medieditor lottery analysis, one then clicks on "Lotto" and then "Optimized Lotto5" It then asks for a file name. File "Data5" always appears by default there before I even enter anything, but I assume that I'm supposed to replace it(Data5) with my original lottery data file, "Lotto5-todate" so that the wheel will have those numbers from how ever many drawings my external filter inputs will tell the optimization routine to do a regression on.

7-Next it asks, "From how many previous drawings to eliminate all 3,4 & 5 number groups? Median value: 70 for a 39/5 game."

8-Again, I assume it's all 800 cases of my original raw data from my original lottery draw data file in order to be most sensitive. The "Least5" file, that has all least-likely number pairings, I assume is automatically read by Medieditor so it can incorporate all "leastwith" pairs in its optimizations, and it is not entered here in lieu of my original lottery data file.

9-Next it prompts to "Enter biggest number in the Lotto5 game," which is obvious: again, 39, I assume.

10-Finally one comes to the external "any" and "ver" filter inputs where one is told, "Set the filters based on the reports in the Stats. menu...."

OK, lets assume we have any/ver filter values as follows:

three any1 any2 any3 any4 any5 ver1 ver2 ver3 ver4 ver5
16 01 03 03 07 11 03 12 12 17 17

11-Now lets pretend that in the any5 position, the number 4 has consistently come after 11 for dozens of drawings; therefore, I would tend to want to make optimized combinations from the four most recent drawings for the next drawing since I would anticipate that four would very likely come after this 11 also.

12-Therefore in the "Max" "Any5" input I would put "4" since I only would wish to make optimized combinations from the pool of numbers from the previous 4 drawings. I don't understand why there even HAS to be a "Min" "Any5" input. All I want is all four previous drawings' numbers, and the min. option, to me, just seems unnecessary. But...since I apparently "have" to fill it in also, I put a 3 in that one. I still don't comprehend (even after several readings) the "ver" filters nor the "Four" filter--actually I don't recall even seeing one that was properly designated as a "four" filter unless it was when the optimized lotto5 prompted for the max. number. If it is it's fairly ambiguous on just WHAT max number it wants.

11-Anyway, I enter just those two min. and max any5 inputs, leaving the other any filters blank since I understand that only the any5 filter works for a 5-number lottery and the rest are ignored. I also left all ver filters blank since I find the directions a bit vague as well as the four filter's--wherever/whatever THAT is.

12--Results: It works I think, and I do get apparenlty optimized lotto combinations. However, since I'm not sure if I was supposed to input the Least5 file or that DATA5 file that always appears in the input in lieu of my original raw lottery data file, I am not entirely sure that my optimized combos. are what they should be. If I did assume correctly then the optimizations should be fine. One last thing: I have experimented with putting a '1' in the min. Any5 and a '2' in the Max. Any5, but the lotto program freezes and I have to do a ctrl/alt/delete and lose whatever combos. it was generalting. They seem perfectly acceptable inputs. I don't undertand why it locks up.

Mr. Saliu, if you will, please go over my methodology point by point and point out where I'm misapplying your excellent software, and I won't bother you ever again. Thanks.


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