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Put Reason before Emotions: How You Beat Lotto, Lottery, Gambling Odds

Reason ahead of emotions in searching the truth; lottery, too.

Posted by Ion Saliu on July 27, 2001.

• The main "tactic" is to put reason before emotions. It is the equalizer at any level of education, in every field. Most of our formal education is a waste (of time and mental resources). Our formal education earned its money, however, if we learned to always put reason before emotions in searching the truth. Emotions get in our way frequently. We may need to curse and kick others' rear ends. Humanum est. If we commit the courage, strength, and will to take one step beyond emotions, we shall gain new knowledge.

I need to answer one more question regarding the lotto 'magical lotto grid'. When is it best to do the pairing report? Do it starting at the most recent draw and use the BEST6 file from that point on for a number of (future) drawings? Yes, that's an option. But you can also go back a number of drawings in the data file and work with those reports and “wheel” files.

You have a DATA-6 (exactly 6 lotto numbers per line, real drawings). You can delete a number of N/2 (the biggest lotto number divided by 2) lines. Save the file under a new name: DATA-6.2. Run the frequency report (F in UTIL-6). Create a 'best pairing' lottery file WHEEL6.2. Open DATA-6 again and now delete the top N drawings. Save the file as DATA-6.N. Repeat the step above; save 'best pairings' as WHEEL6.N. You can check now all WHEEL6 files against DATA-6 and/or against future drawings. One of them will yield the best results. In any event, the 'wonder-grid' yields far better results than any other wheel, even 3-4 times larger. As usually, I received useful input from the same DEZ:

"Thank you Ion for the new UTIL-6. It's a little ironic that you send it to me now. I just created a file (before checking my e-mail) using all of the lotto balls in the Illinois lottery, and pairing each one up with the 5 numbers that hit the most with each ball. I then checked it for winners, and had similar results to yours. There were 185 -4 ball hits, and 6 -5 ball hits. That's better than I have done trying to create strategies, and it only costs $26 per draw. I think I will tweak a couple of the combinations, though. For example, the # 51 paired up most with 12-22-41-44-49. That's probably skewed a little too much on the high side. However, I have no problem sitting around and breaking even while waiting to get lucky with the one good pop. I don't remember, did you try and run with PowerBall? I'll go back and check the message board."

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Put reason before emotions in searching the truth we gain also in gambling, lottery, lotto, software programming.


Ramanujan believed a god gave him mathematical formulae for his reasonning.

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