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Roulette Announcement by John Schroder, Chairman of MGM Grand Casino

By John Schroder, Casino Chairman At Large

Threat by John Schroder, chairman MGM Grand casino against skilled roulette players.

Posted on March 05, 2001.

First off, I would like to commend the people that spend time devising winning strategies as a hobby. I've spent many years doing the exact same thing. I have been affiliated with the gaming industry for over 30 years, and there isn't much about strategy and odds that I don't already know.

I am currently the Chairman of the MGM Grand, and I was advised of this site by way of a memo sent to me. I have dealt with EVERY aspect of the casino floor at one time or another, and I can attest that Roulette is a completely random probability.

There are a few obvious functional problems that can occur (such as wheel bearings, etc.) -- and those problems are offset on a daily basis. There is also monitoring system that will alert us when an extenuating circumstance of odds exists within the casino game.

There is nothing mathematical about it. Don't waste your money purchasing supposed "get rich" programs based on Roulette. They simply will not work. Some of these programs are costly and also impractical, in the sense that they require you to enter a casino and keep track of numerical data.

Although not illegal, we have (and reserve) the right to refuse service to anyone. If a spotter or floorman notices you writing things down, you will most likely be asked to play another game or asked to leave the casino floor. Failure to comply will result in being arrested for trespassing.

This is simply the way things work. I'm not trying to come off as being harsh, but I want to make sure you are fully aware of the situation... before you invest any money in these gambling programs. As a side note, I read something where the author of this site is "no longer selling the program" but he asks you to email him with price offers. That sounds a little fishy to me. Why would you place an offer on something that you haven't seen or tested, and especially on something that has no guarantee or refund possibility? Think smart.

Here comes what you've all been looking for:

The Roulette table is a mathematically perfected system. You can minimize your losses, but you will also be minimizing your profits... and as you all probably know, the longer you sit at the table -- the more you have a chance of losing. In the polar win/loss scale you will always lose double what you could possibly win. There is no way around this.

If you want the best odds of winning, only sit at the table for a short period of time. Also play the highest "comfortable" wagers that you can. If you want to win $100, place two $100 wagers on two of the three columns at the bottom. These spots pay 2:1, and your odds of winning are approximately 66.6% (excluding the 0 and 00 spots). This is easy to figure out. There are three columns, and you are covering two.

Let's use my personal preference as an example:

I place $100 on the 1st roulette column, and $100 on the 2nd column. If the number falls on 2nd column, I win $200 but lose $100 from the bet on the 1st column. What am I left with? A $100 win.

Granted, it might very well fall in the 3rd column. In this situation, you would lose the entire $200. The same goes for any 0 or 00 that hits.

The bottom line is to not worry about minimizing your losses. This procedure will also minimize your winnings, and will force you to sit at the table longer -- in effect making your odds of winning WORSE. Just sit down for 10-20 minutes and place the largest (but smartest) wagers possible. You can never completely eliminate the odds of losing, but if you use my 2/3 strategy above... you will see very suitable results most of the time.

As this is a private post and not made on behalf of my company affiliation, please post any questions to this forum. I did not post my personal email address, so as to prevent any correlation between my business and personal interests.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this has aided in educating you all to be smarter on the gaming floor.


John Schroder

Roulette Threat: Roulette System, Threat, by Casino Chairman MGM Grand.

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Roulette Announcement: Roulette System, Threat, by Casino Chairman MGM Grand.

Casino chairman threatened that writing roulette numbers in the casino results in the arrest of players, gamblers.

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