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Casino Chairman Recommends Two-to-One (2-1) Roulette Systems

By John Schroder, Casino Chairman At Large

Play two dozens or two columns at a time.

Posted by John Schroder on March 08, 2001.

In Reply to: The James Bond roulette system in the Taliban Desert posted by Ion Saliu on March 07, 2001.

Mr. Saliu,

I appreciate your efforts in presenting a response to my post. This one is certainly more acceptable to me.

I would, however, like to say that my intentions were not to present a new "system"... anyone who knows a thing or two about roulette is familiar with wagering on 2:1 "twelve" spots.

I was simply suggesting that if people want to have a good advantage over the house, they can play that system IF they don't sit at the table for too long. After all, on a $200 total wager... you stand to win $100 -- but also stand to lose $200. It's a give-and-take situation.

It's certainly a simple solution to most of those complicated programs out there, and it still gives you a fairly good advantage. There ARE tons of gambling systems out there that work based on wager amount and win ratio. These systems tend to limit your losses, but also limit your winnings. This keeps you at the roulette table longer -- which is the almighty "no-no" of gambling.

I wish everyone good luck, and hope that my tidbits of information can help your gambling experience.


John Schroder

Casino chairman recommends two-to-one (2-1) roulette systems.

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