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Freeware Software: Pick Digit Lottery, Median, Money

By Ion Saliu, Adagio Creator At-Large

Freeware lottery pick, digit software, median, money; lotto, lottery positional limits, ranges.

Written on May 12, 2002.

• The LOTWON3 freeware lottery package can generate pick-3 combinations “by positional ranges”. The feature in POWER-3 is not obvious, however. It appears in the first screen: “No Vertical”. The user can write the digits to eliminate from each position of the pick-3 lottery combinations. For example, 1, 5, 0 will eliminate the digit “1” from position 1 (lead) of every combination; digit “5” from the 2nd position; digit “0” from the 3rd position. I have received requests for a simpler approach. Also recent personal experiences and a nice gesture from a LotWon user made me make available a new freeware package.

UTIL332 is the pick-3 lottery utility software on steroids (in the positive and legal sense!) The most important feature is 'Make/break/position'. That function is not present in the 16-bit version of UTIL-3 (comes with LOTWON3 lotto software).

The “Make/break/position” function creates the “BEST3”, “MOST3” and “LEAST3” like the LOTWON532/632 licensed packages. The BEST3 file represents an enhanced “wonder grid” for the pick-3 lottery. The “Make/break/position” function also generates combinations “by positional ranges”. The positional ranges are stored in 3-line text files. Line 1 contains only the digits you want in the 1st position of the pick-3 combinations; line 2 contains only the digits you want in the 2nd position; line 3 contains only the digits you want in the 3rd position.

4, 8, 3
0 2, 9 5
0 6

The file above will generate exactly 3x4x2=24 pick-3 combinations, such as 4,2,0 or 8,5,6. Of course, if you have a file with the 10 digits (from 0 to 9) in each line, all 1000 pick-3 combinations will be generated.

Select the positional ranges with the help of the statistical function in UTIL332. The report (FREQ3) shows the frequency and skips by position as well.

It can be used for horse racing, too. You can enter post numbers in the 3 positions. Just ignore the combinations with duplicate numbers. Nothing is available for other types of lotteries at this time. Licensed LotWon users will receive the upgrades for free. No other user can get the new programs for less than $100 PER PROGRAM (not per package!). Software developers need not apply, OR pay $5,000 PER PROGRAM. I can't afford to even answer questions for free. I may have to ask for a $20 fee to answer a question.

•• One question I try to answer now (for free!) relates to my being poor while writing lottery software with such grandiose purposes. The truth of the matter is I haven't played the lotteries in a long time. Looks like I keep writing software and do nothing else! There are some personal experiences in the way as well. Nevertheless, my software is founded on truly valid mathematical principles.

First and foremost, it's what I call the “Fundamental Formula of Gambling” (FFG). It's as undeniable a fact as “1+1=2”. The events tend to repeat after skipping fewer trials than their respective “FFG medians”. The FFG median is calculated for a degree of certainty equal to 50%. Some intellectual property thieves started to call a variation of FFG the "law of the third of roulette"!?! Apparently, they can't offer many details to the many questions the "law of the third of roulette" raises. For example, how many roulette numbers are unique in 20 consecutive spins, instead of 37 (or 38 for 00-roulette).

There are persons and persons. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out the validity of the principles my software is based upon. Of course, people with greater involvement in the mathematical or statistical field have an easier way in detecting the validity of such principles. I received recently this email:

“Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your free software and very informative site.  Since you ask for no money, I figured the least I could do was let you know your work is greatly appreciated.  I have played the NJ lottery on and off for the past 10 years and decided that there must be some way to better my odds.  Since I use MS Access at work all day, I've been using that as my primary analysis tool. Thousands of queries later, I figured, some superior minds must have studied this better than I'll ever be able to - which is when I stumbled upon your software.  I have been playing with it almost daily and it's really opened my eyes.  I am impressed with what you have accomplished and thankful for your generosity.  Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I'll see you on the news as a lottery winner. You have certainly kept my lottery dreams alive.  Thanks.”

It's not about superior minds: it's minds that put more effort in tackling an issue. And, above all, put reason ahead of emotions!

A few days after that email, I received a snail-mail message. I usually discard of personal mail from unknown senders. This one looked honest: handwritten addresses, including sender's. Sender's address seemed to be consistent with the postal mark. I took a chance and opened the envelope. It had a money order in the amount of $12. It also had a short note:

"Thanks for access to Lotwon99. DVE".

I hope DVE of Ohio was a winner using my lotto software. I appeal to him to send me his email address. I would like to send him the current versions of UTIL532 and UTIL632. They work like the new UTIL632—they generate combinations by positional ranges. He will have a greater chance of winning the jackpot. (Oh, please also state you are not a lottery software developer.)

The personal experiences that affected me in general, and my lottery play in particular, are health related. Just to “save” one tooth would cost me $1,500! Gosh, in many countries, people live for one year with $1,500, including acceptable health care! And it would be more than one tooth, the dentist assured me!

Well, this is one of the effects of health being determined by the free market:

We live to be sick.
If the national defense would be privatized and thus regulated by the free market:
We would live to kill and be killed.
No doubt, the free market is a great motor of human progress! Millions of people flocked to the New World to escape hardship and famine. The free market brilliantly solved the hunger problem. We reached the point when we can joyfully chant:
We live to eat.
The free market also empowered the individual to freedom of movement:
We live to drive.
(My car has 176,000 miles on board.)
The free market also empowered the individual to great rights to privacy:
We live to hide.

Meanwhile, I am always writing 3-4 computer programs at the same time. I realized the other day that I reached the chaining reality when and where:

I live to program.

Something has to change—and soon! I have come to realize that I must answer this essential question. How is the experience of:

We live to live.


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Freeware lotto, lottery pick, digit software, median, money; lotto, lottery positional limits, ranges.

Freeware lotto, lottery pick, digit software, median lotto, lottery positional limits.


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