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Posted by Scroodge on March 25, 2001.

Hi Ion and the other readers,

I post this question not to annoy anyone or to belittle Ion's excellent software. To tell the truth I've made a few bucks since starting to use this software and this by just using the basic strategies given on this site and in the tutorial itself. I know I'm babbling.... anyway I'm using LOTWON99 and used WHEEL with a 5 out of 6 strategy. I did not put in any filters and just wheeled all 49 numbers for our 6/49 lotto. I kept it wheeling for about 18 hours. I ended up with only 3001 combinations. But here is the question... after the drawing I checked for any winners. I got NONE, not even one line that had 4 out of 6. How could this be? Did I do something wrong? Do I have bad simulated data? Or did I just have bad KARMA?

If anyone have an aswer for this I'll be glad. If not it's fine. I will still use this software because I still know I have a winner here FOR FREE !!

Generate lotto wheels from 3 of 6 to 6 of 6 using powerful filters and reports to win the lottery.

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    Strategy to Win with Lotto Wheeling Software.

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