Assemble lotto-5 loto software package, Pick 5, 5/39 Lotto.

Assemble yourself a LotWon lotto-5 software package

Lotto-5 loto software package, Pick 5, 5/39 Lotto.

Posted by Ion Saliu on March 26, 2001.

In Reply to: Texas Lottery Pick5 5/39 Lotto posted by Gary on March 26, 2001.

: What programs do I need to get started with the Texas Pick 5, uses 5/39?

• The lotto-5 programs are not gathered in a collection, like other software packages. It is easy, however to identify them and put them in a group similar to LOTWON3, LOTWONH, and especially LOTWON7. The best way is to download first and install LOTWON7. Read the all the text files. You will be able to easily create a LOTWON5 package. Download next every program with “5” in the file name:

Download also the important auxiliary programs:

Print the FTP Download page ( for reference.
Read and print related posts on this message board.

These all the programs I am offering freeware for now. If something is missing, it’s not a lapse.

• 2005: Download the latest PICK532 & PICK632 lotto 5 6 freeware from the FTP download site!

Ion Saliu

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