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Posted by BigJer on March 28, 2001.

In Reply to: Most powerful lottery strategy? Pairs, pairings, frequency, lotto 'Wonder-grid' posted by KM on March 27, 2001.

Ion and fellow lotto players:

I have been looking at not the numbers but the skips
of the numbers that hit and the sum of those skips which has a good bell shaped curve. I have not been able to project that as a tool as yet . Any help here?
: Ion:

: This may not be particularly what you're looking for, but it has been helpful in those instances when I've had far too many potential wheeled combination.

: I freely admit that this strategy has its faults. However, since I cannot afford to play thousands of combinations, I had to come up with a criteria that at least decisive to cull down the herd, so to speak. It is as follows:

: Utilizing your ffg I get a pool of potential numbers and wheel them with one of your wheels that automatically eliminates unlikely pairs, all odds, all evens and etc..

: Unfortunately that still leaves thousands of numbers that I cannot afford to play.

: Basically what I do is copy and paste the Medieditor file into spss statistical analysis software and filter out lotto combinations from the original pool that do not meet the following criteria:

: 1. Do wheeled combination numbers in each position conform to historical positions based on entire history of lottery draw? If yes, then retain.

: 1.5. Next: Do the deltas of the wheeled combos have values = 15? If so retain. Values =15 happen 80% of the time based on historical analysis of all previous draws.

: 2. Does the difference between the last and first number, spread of line, conform to historical 80% statistical trend? If yes retain.

: 3. Does the number of even and odd numbers in the wheeled combination match the statistical history of what combo. of even/odd happened in similar past drawings? If so retain.

: 4. Does the number of high and low numbers in the wheeled combination match the statistical history of hi/lo that happned in past similar drawings? If so retain.

: 5. Does the sum range of a wheeled combination fall within an expected range that occured at a statistically high degree in past similar lottery drawings? If so retain.

: Thus filtering the original pool of numbers through each step, one hopefully will retain a group of combinations that have characteritics VERY congruent with winning lottery combinations of the past based on statistical likelihoods in similar lotto draw situations.

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Lottery players can analyze the lotto numbers, also the skips of the sums in a good bell shaped curve.

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Lottery player can analyze not only the lotto numbers, but also the skips.