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Back Issues of 'Wine Spectator Magazine'

Wine, worship, philosophy, religion, In vino veritas Greco-Roman Civilization.

Posted by Wine Spectator on April 05, 2001.

I am looking for the back issues of the Wine Spectator Magazine (all of issues 1994, and 2/28, 4/40 from 1995). If you have any of these, please let me know. Price is not the matter. And this is URGENT.

'Wine Spectator Magazine' - Why not 'Wine Drinker Magazine'?

An editor's note -

Wine here is viewed as instrumental in the coming into existence of philosophy. I expressed my opinion on the topic in a previous post:

"Philosophy and Winot?!"

"Why was philosophy born in Greece?, I asked myself. There must have been another element that stimulated reasoning. I believe I had the best explanation when I remembered the god of wine: Dionysus. The classical Greeks really celebrated him! No other god has ever been more joyfully celebrated than Dionysus (and his Roman replica, Bacchus). I made two more associations: "Wine unleashes the tongue" and "In vino veritas" = "The truth is in wine". In vino veritas means exactly "In wine the truth". Humans conceal the truth for various reasons, especially fear. Wine gives the courage to paint the Truth as is. Philosophy would have never come to life without the courage and the brushes to paint the Truth as is. All these made me strongly believe that philosophy was born in Ancient Greece because of wine, in addition to FearSurvival. The Greeks needed real courage to express their doubts outside religious frameworks. Wine gave them the courage to doubt, therefore reason; reason, therefore exist. I read again Plato's "Symposium". They could not separate philosophy from wine during Socrates' life (probably hundreds of years before that and after Socrates)."

Wine is spoken here for its purpose: stimulating creativity. I had lately some good wine. It made me feel great. I felt also my creative juices flowing like a...divine nectar! In essence, it contributed to creating a bunch of new programs and strategies! I have had barrels of wine while writing all this stuff, I mean all this huge web site. I might have not brought to light all of my thoughts without wine. I might have feared God or gods for discovering their mathematical futility. Wine allowed me to also grow in my linguistic shoes. In vino veritas means also unleashing growing tongues. I made the gods my drinking partners, especially goddesses! Oh, orgies with goddesses are so creatively fertile! Let us thank Dionysus et alii et alia! Let us pray that wine will not end before the end of the Universe! Mars was always dead because there are no signs of vineyards over there. Vineyard is the litmus test of INTELLIGENT life in Cosmos.

A la notre!

Ion Saliu

Wine, worship, philosophy, religion, In vino veritas, Greek Philosophy, Roman Civilization.

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Wine Magazine, worship, philosophy, religion in Greek & Roman Civilizations.


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