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The optimal lotto drawings range to analyze

Optimal lotto loto draw range analysis.

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 07, 2001.

In Reply to: Wonder Grid Lottery Strategy Plays Pairs of Lotto Numbers posted by Ion Saliu on March 24, 2001.

El Loco asked this meaningful question:

"Maybe I should stick to analyzing the last 100 drawings in the future as well (instead of 200)."

I believe there is an optimal range, correlated to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). Simplifying, I recommend the following values:
1) For lotto: the range should represent three times the biggest lotto number in the game. For example, in a lotto-49 game, the analysis should cover the most recent 150 drawings (49 x 3 = 147; I always use round figures). An intuitive explanation will consider a number of 3 unique pairs that make up a lotto combination. Lotto-5 and lotto-7 are close to the same situation.
2) For digit lotteries: use the same intuitive method. In the pick-3 game, there are C(3,2) = 3 pairs. Each pair has two possibilities, since the digit position counts. The digits 1 and 2 have two pairings: 1-2 and 2-1. as a result, there are almost 6 pairs, if we break down a pick-3 combination. The range of analysis should be 60 (6 pairs x 10 digits). I also analyze 100 drawings in the pick-3 lottery.

I read Scrooge’s strategy. It is interesting; it has a mathematical foundation. Karl M, of course, has a solid approach, using some complex statistical science. My approach does not follow that path. But he is also in the stock market analysis, hence his preference. I wonder what path would Wall Street professionals take. Soon after I posted my strategy, at least one major brokerage firm literally had a grip on my website. I checked the access-log file; the firm occupied a long segment in the server file! Maybe they rushed to the lotteries and took advantage of the incredible return: over a million for 19,000! (Of course, it also depends on how many winners my strategy creates in the same lottery! Fear not: at this time, my website only gets 7,000+ hits a week!)

Using the pairings represents, indeed, a very powerful lottery tool. I wrote in previous posts how I used the method without a computer. I used it successfully in Romania and also in America. The computer is of super help, nonetheless. The lotto pairing strategy can be honed to a great extent. I won’t be too specific right now. You can think of selecting a group of numbers and their best pairings. One can also use two favorite lotto numbers and their winning pairings. One can also eliminate many more of the worst pairings. I tried, for example to eliminate the worst 75% or 50% pairs. The programs haven’t come up with any combination! But there has to be one combination (or a few) from time to time! Of course, there is the multitude of the LotWon filters we can use, in combination with the pairing or other lottery strategies!

There are still a group of users who just face difficulties following my strategies and/or software. The easiest way for them to get a better winning chance is to use my freeware generating combinations around the median. They should seriously consider: BELLBET, BELLOTTO, BETUS. They are much easier to use, since they don’t require filters. And the programs certainly increase the winning probability, while decreasing the losing probability!

I ran BETUS during the NCAA basketball tournament. I applied it to the 16 games of the second round. Astonishingly, the program generated two times the right results. All 16 winners! Of course, I ran the program many times. Nobody should expect the program win every time it is used. But, beyond a doubt, the program increases the chances to win. The odds in a 16-game case are 65536 to 1. In a 50% house edge scenario, you can win 32768 for a 1-unit bet! To be sure, using BELLBET, or BELLOTTO, or BETUS is like playing hundreds, or thousands, even millions of tries FOR FREE!

I am asked many, many times about selling my lottery software or my gambling strategies. I am a philosopher. That represents a major obstacle in doing business. Instead of thinking in terms of profit-only, I visualize the income discrepancies in this world of ours. What price should I charge? Ten dollars buys a meal in a cheap restaurant in America. Meanwhile, ten dollars can be a matter of life and death in a poor country. It is very hard for me to even think of marketing my lottery software and strategies. At the same time, I am facing the impossibility of offering everything for free. I am also a nice person, but I am also a sane person. Let alone that some are asking me to go even beyond freeware. I was asked to send my stuff AND a few hundred dollars for the software user to play the lottery!

I am asking myself sometimes: "Self, why did Socrates have to have nothing materially?"

The role of statistical analysis in winning all lotto games.

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The range (span) of analysis in lotto, lottery software.

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Optimal lotto loto draw range analysis in lottery software.


For lotto:  the statistical range should represent three times the biggest lotto number in the game. In lotto 6/49, the lottery system analysis should cover the most recent 150 lottery drawings.

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