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Computers can generate true random numbers if the software uses good randomizing functions based on randomness.

Posted by Nik Barker on April 12, 2001.

Dear Ion,

First may I thank you for clearly being so devoted to your site and for spending so much time in offering, to whoever happens to turn up here, your knowledge and experience.

I have spent a good deal of time studying your web site and find it very interesting. I certainly wouldn't agree with all your philosophies (but then if we all agreed with them, that, in itself, would render them worthless!) but it is interesting to read them.

I noticed on the message board that last year you spoke about Free lotteries and said this...

"It appears that the numbers are genuinely RANDOM. We could assume that the drawings are conducted fairly, without fixing..."

I assume you think this because the lottery player does not have to gamble as such - and therefore, that there would be no motive for the provider to make it unfair or fixed.

However, I would make this point. Often with these lotteries you HAVE to click on a banner to register your numbers for the draw. This is what generates the revenue (from the sponsors) for the jackpot. I am certain we can all rest assured that if someone is offering a $1 Million prize money for 'free' then THEY WILL HAVE DONE THEIR SUMS and will have worked out that they don't want the player to win the jackpot as many times as TRUE RANDOMNESS would allow, because this in itself would probably bankrupt them - let alone have to pay out MORE than true randomness would allow because of well thought out software like yours.

The other thing to consider is that any random number generated by a computer is never a TRUE random number but is part of a (usually huge) sequence.

I look forward to downloading and trying some of your software soon.

All the best and good luck


Valuable resources and tools for serious lottery players. The link leads to the best algorithms and source code in the field of random number generation.

Software source code, algorithm to generate truly random and unique numbers.

I had strong reasons to suspect Nik of foul play. I nicknamed him Kulai. He is out of my orbit now and I feel good about it. Read more details: "Posting Currently Disabled; No Software For Sale Always Check The What's New Page First".

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Computers can generate true random numbers if the software uses good randomizing functions.

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