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LotWon Lotto and Lottery Software Greatly Enhanced in 32-Bit Versions

LotWon lotto and lottery software has been greatly enhanced in the 32-bit versions.

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 21, 2001; later updates.

In Reply to "Lottery Software Strategy-3 Error" posted by Steve on April 21, 2001.

: I downloaded lotwon3 and I'm having problems running the strat3 file. Every time I edit the Data-3 file with my numbers I get Error 62 at pgm-ctr:10925. It runs fine with the Data-3 file it comes with, as long as I don't add numbers to it. Can someone help me PLEASE! FYI, since my last posting I have duplicated the error-62 problem by using your Data-3 and your Sim-3 files (that are part of the Lotwon3 software package that you recently made available) by inserting 9,9,8 in your Data-3 file.

Anyways, I now solved the problem by following your latest suggestion to generate another SIM-3 file. I had to "simulate" 8200 drawings to make it work.

• You can look at the WS3 files. The error is caused by an extremely biased Data-3 as far as one of the filters is concerned. You can see the culprit: it has this sign in front %. You can delete %, but make sure do not delete the number; keep the number surrounded by at least one blank space. save the edited WS3 file. STRAT-3 should work fine now. To avoid the trouble repeating, just remove from the Data-3 file the lottery drawing that caused the error.

At the time of writing SUPER*, I didn't expect such absurd values in a filter. I solved it in my reserved software. I have no plans to update my freeware at this time. It is very difficult to maintain two software categories. What I am developing and using now is highly customized. It also has features I do not want to reveal now. I do not sell it, either, because I am not sure I know how do it and be fair to everybody. Most people, however know how to use my freeware AND take advantage of it.

There are limits we all live within.

Ion Saliu

Errors in 16 bit lotto, lottery software; use the powerful 32-bit programs.

• Update 2005
LotWon DOS (command prompt, or character mode) lotto and lottery software has been greatly enhanced in the 32-bit versions. No more pesky errors such as 62. The strategy checking works with huge filter values now. It is strongly recommended that you put aside the 16–bit software and work only with all available 32–bit lotto, lottery software. Not only is the 32–bit software far less error-prone. The 32–bit lottery and lotto software is also more powerful by orders of magnitude. The 16–bit have mostly an archive value. The tutorials also present some useful hints from the good ole' days.

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The strategy checking software works with large lottery filter values.

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