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Posted by Ion Saliu on April 23, 2001; later updates.

• I receive emails similar to this recent Lotto Odds 6/49 649 6 49 Lottery Filter Probability post:

“Is there a way to create a formula, to calculate the odds for a combination of the following possibilities; without running all the different possibilities, through each lotto combination? It's easy to figure out the odds for each possibility, per filter; but to figure out the odds, for a combination of the filters, is driving me crazy. To run all the possibilities through each lottery combination, would be very time consuming; and I'd doubt that you could have a text file that big. A lottery formula, if possible, would be the only solution. If you can help, or point me in the right direction; email me at I'd REALLY appreciate it!

Excluded #'s: (1-49) 49 possibilities
Sums: (21-279): 259 possibilities
Even #'s: (0-6): 7 possibilities
Low #'s: (0-6): 7 possibilities
Consecutive #'s: (1-6): 6 possibilities
Lowest # Drawn: (1-44): 44 possibilities
Highest # Drawn: (4-49): 44 possibilities
What makes it hard to calculate the lotto odds; is that changing one filter affects the other filters. It's hard to figure out, how many lotto combinations are left in the remaining filters; and then to filter from the remaining."

I answered to this post on the message board. I answered also to some of the emails on this subject.

Later, I wrote new lotto software programs named UserGroups, components of the comprehensive collections of lotto software named Bright. They work with groups of numbers: odd, even, low, high, frequency, sum totals. The software can generate quickly, in memory, all lotto combinations generated by enabling the filters above. There are no direct formulas; there are only algorithms. The calculations are, however, very fast and absolutely accurate.

The main menu of UserLottoGroups, lotto software for odd / even, low / high, sums, sum-totals.

Frankly, I am suspicious. I have seen in recent years new lottery software applications using more and more the concept of lotto, lottery filtering. I suspect the guy(s) at LotWin would die to copycat my lotto software. But who could duplicate that great super application, MDIEditor And Lotto WE?

The most comprehensive lotto software also works with Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions games.

I didn't patent the concept of filtering and I have no problem with other lotto software developers using lotto filters in their software. After all, the cigarette makers used filters long before the lottery software was born! Now, should I be taken to court by the tobacco business for copyright infringement? Or, worse, taken to court by government lawyers for using a dangerous device?

Double frankly, I was somehow upset a while back when I saw a lotto program using lottery filters and using a name very similar to my software: LotWin. Shouldn't the trade names have more than just one letter different? Forget about it! The thing is, I suspect the emails similar to the aforementioned post come from the LotWin zone “51”. Maybe they want to clone me altogether! They may even want to name their sons JAQK Fowuru. (That is my sacred and secret name. As you can see, the J, Q, K combine multilaterally with the A to generate the natural blackjack – the sacred symbol of eternal winning.)

I checked a demo copy of LotWin lotto software. As cumbersome as the program may be, I figured out it considered lottery filters just like the ones presented in the post. I don't think the lotto software developers know what the effect of their lottery filters is. I can only tell you this: those lotto filters leave an infinitely impractical number of combinations to play. Worse, the player has no clue when the strategy hits and what the streaks are.

On the other hand, the cigarette filters retain more stuff, but their makers still lose a lot of money.

Now, does anybody think I would be that crazy and sweat-up such a dirty job for free? In fact, I heard LotWin charges in the neighborhood of $500...a pop! Shocking! But, as they say, every minute a sucker is born. I wonder who the true copyright owner of that expression was...

Ion Saliu

Lottery lotto strategy, system on sum, odd - even, low - high filters.

I received several more questions on the topic of number of lotto combinations when grouping the numbers by low/high and odd/even criteria. Most of the questions seemed to be legitimate. I worked out relevant formulae regarding the lotto odds for grouping the numbers by low/high and odd/even. Read this page:
Software and formulae to calculate lotto odds using the hypergeometric distribution probability.
Also, I released software applicable to the pick-3 lottery game. The lottery software can generate combinations that apply the low/high and odd/even digit grouping. Read this page:
Basics of a Lottery, Lotto Strategy Based On: Sums (Sum-Totals); Odd/Even; Low/High Numbers.

Lottery software, lotto strategy, lotto software on odd - even, high-low numbers.

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Lotto Lottery Filter Probability Odds Formulae. Imitated by many, especially the expensive Lotwin, Lotwin32.


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