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Enslaved by Creativity — Creativity is an Endless Process Specific to Humankind

By Ion Saliu, Creatively At-Large

Enslaved by creativity: Creativity is a never-ending process.

Written on Augustus I, 2002; revised August 7, 2002 (2 WE or MMII).

• Can the process of creating (creativity) take control over our thoughts, emotions, actions, and lives? I am afraid I am enslaved by Creativity. I don't seem to escape from it, anywhere in space, or anywhere in time. I had made a commitment to myself to meet another face of my destiny. The commitment had a sacred dimension, since I made it to my daughter as well. Before stepping on a new path, I go to meditation places, in the woods, in the mountains. We was to take the new path the following day. I became one with my meditation ground. I could not remove my feet from it. The approaching thunder and storm enhanced my efforts to leave, but to no avail. I became an Easter Island moai. A heavy stone statue fixed on a time-still giant stone platform (ahus) looking inwards. A heavy, red pukao was pressing my thoughts deeper inwards. The raindrops did not see me. The hurried hikers could not see me.

My watch was showing year 200. Yet, I was living events where my new path was to take me to. I came to present-day-future with the impression I awoke from a dream. My feet, and my knees, and my legs were mighty tired, nevertheless. Barely able to walk for a couple of days. Then I noticed my software had grown. I realize now it creates and recreates itself. All my old programs have become leaner and leaner. The filters are created on the fly, and the layers are created on the fly. Everything performs far better. There are significantly fewer errors. The bugs are much easier to spot and exterminate. I was puzzled, to tell you the truth. Maybe Creativity is a force and we are its pawns. There appears to be an endless chain of ideas. One idea leads to another idea, to another one, and another one… Try to get away…but here is the moai!

•• The new 'wonder grid' development is just a link in the chain. I presented in Winning reports for the wonder grid: GridCheck632 the effectiveness of the wonder grid for various draw ranges. In a nutshell, the range equal to two times the biggest number (N * 2) favors the 'top five' pairings. That is, every lotto-6 number tends to come out more often with its most frequent pairings (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5). Then I realized that every pairing combination has frequencies and skips. Every pairing combination can be analyzed by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). The new self-creating software surprisingly showed to me pairing combinations faring better than the 'top pairings'. Different circumstances, different performances. The main circumstances are draw ranges and the skips.

I'll make it simpler to follow. I'll present the pick-3 and pick-4 pairing cases. The paring frequencies can be generated for 20 or 30 draws, etc. The GridCheck32 software did it for fixed spans. The new software accepts any ranges. In fact, a variety of ranges leads to a wide variety of winning strategies.

The first report of the new software shows every combination drawn and the pairings for every number. For example, the combination drawn was 7,1,4. Digit '7' came out with its pair #10 (last) and #2; digit '1' came out with its pair #9 (penultimate) and #1 (first or the best); digit '4' came out with its pair #7 and #1 (first). As you can see in the fragment below, pairings other than '#1-#2' come out following specific skip patterns.

                   3-DIGIT Pairing Report by Draw
                   File: \Lottery\Pick3\PA-3
                   Draws Analyzed:  200 
                   Pairings Draw Range:  100 

 Line Draw   Dig       Dig       Dig
 no.   ings   1         2         3

    1  714   10  2     9   1     7   1 
    2  790   8   5     8   6     6   7 
    3  899   5   5     5   10    5   10 
The second report shows the actual pairing frequencies and skips. A pair such as '1-1' indicates a double-digit combination (in the pick-3 and pick-4 games only). Depending on the draw range, the 'double pairings' such as '3-3' or '6-6' perform better than '1-2'!
                   3-DIGIT 'String Pairing' Skip Chart
                   Draws Analyzed:  100 
                   Pairings Draw Range:  20 

       Pair:  1 - 1 

Skips:  22  55 
Sorted Skips:  22  55 
* Median Skip:  22 

       Pair:  1 - 2 

Skips:  69 
Sorted Skips:  69 
* Median Skip:  69 

       Pair:  1 - 3 

Skips:  34  63 
Sorted Skips:  34  63 
* Median Skip:  34 


In the case above, pairings such as '1-6' or '1-8' registered 6 hits in 100 draws. Let's ignore any complex strategy for a while. Just write down very pick-3 digit: 10 lines from 0 to 9. Add next to each digit its pairing #1 and pairing #8. (UTIL632 creates PAIRS3, with the frequencies and indexes of every pick-3 pairing.) The result is a 10-combination file. Playing it for 100 draws: cost = $1,000. There are 6 hits, $500 each; payout = $3,000. The strategy can be greatly improved applying the skips.

The pick-4 game can potentially lead to huge profits. The resulting file still consists of 10 combinations. The hits pay $5,000 each, however. Again, there are double-digit pairings that fare very well.

                   4-DIGIT Pairing Report by Draw
                   File: \Lottery\Pick3\PA-3
                   Draws Analyzed:  200 
                   Pairings Draw Range:  50 

 Line Draw     Dig        Dig        Dig        Dig
 no.   ings     1          2          3          4

    1  0688  2  9  9    6  5  5    8  4  7    8  4  7
    2  4879  5  2  8    1  7  5    2  9  4    6  10 1
    3  2367  8  3  2    10 1  4    9  3  4    5  7  10

                   4-DIGIT 'String Pairing' Skip Chart
                   File: \Lottery\Pick4\PA-4
                   Draws Analyzed:  200 
                   Pairings Draw Range:  50 

       Pair:  1 - 1 - 6 

Skips:  66  51  42 
Sorted Skips:  42  51  66 
* Median Skip:  51 

       Pair:  1 - 2 - 3 

Sorted Skips: 
* Median Skip:  0 

       Pair:  1 - 4 - 4 

Skips:  5  91  39 
Sorted Skips:  5  39  91 
* Median Skip:  39 
And, again, the draw range that generates the pairings is very important. Regardless of range, however, there are pairings that hit 10 times in 200 draws. That's a $50,000 payout for a $2,000 COW (cost of winning)!

At this time, I am having my own hard time trying to comprehend the new software. How could I possibly be successful in teaching others how to use this new software? People can do it on their own skills, nevertheless. There are a few messages here describing how others plot the pairings or the skips. The skips can be used in the same manner as the pairings. For example, the next draw will have a skip string in the format: '1-4-4-6-7-11'. That is, the 1st number in the draw skipped 1 draw; the 2nd number skipped 4 draws; the 3rd number skipped 4 draws (#2 & #3 were drawn together 4 draws ago); etc.

The other reason why I won't make available the new software: the moai must move its ahus soon.

On second thought: Enslavement to Creativity is the epitome of human evolution. I'll take it and its side effects as well…*

* Creativity is fueled by thoughts and substances. The non-computing beast ancestors could only use substances.

Presenting the thoughts is the most difficult presentation there is. “Think the thinking”, that's what it is. Most philosophies have failed because “Think the thought” is the most difficult thing to explain in the Universe; or, the most difficult thing in the Universe to explain. It would require an entire book to analyze the two previous statements that were separated by ;.

I can enumerate three substances I associate with creativity enhancement, as far as my self is concerned. I have taken ginseng (Panax) and ginkgo biloba for many years. For almost my entire life, I have enjoyed red wine, frequently sometimes (if cold weather) or very rarely sometimes (if hot weather). If renouncing uninterruptedly any of the three substances (C(3,1)), or combination of three taken one or two at a time (C(3,1), (C(3,2)), or all three (C(3,3)): My self feels no craving. But I can observe a decrease in performance in thinking and feeling. And, undoubtedly, my look changes. The mirror is an incredibly accurate microscope of the self! This is not meant to be a recipe or a prescription. It's only a thought for food…I mean, food for thought…I mean, I think when I feed…I mean, I eat when I think…forget about it!

Humans separate themselves from other species due in great part to CREATIVITY.

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The creativity process in software has been the creative fire in Ion Saliu's life.

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