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Turnaround Gambling System and Ion Saliu's Roulette Mathematics of Streaks

Turnaround gambling system and Ion Saliu's gambling, roulette strategy, systems.

Posted by ROK on May 09, 2001.


The 'Turnaround' gambling system was placed on the Internet by its founder, Ian harmer. The system was apparently not for sale at any point, and was placed on the Internet to 'assist' casino gamblers (free of charge). You'll find the Turnaround rules at:

ROK (who writes like a rotten idiot)

The casinos encourage now the use of ANY losing gambling roulette system, strategy!

• Editor's note –
I met Ian Harmer in newsgroups in 2003. He was prophesying again his Turnaround gambling system in the blackjack newsgroup. I presented the mathematics of his system. I also opinionated again that he was some casino man, a mole for the casinos. They, the kasinos, know that most casino players believe in gambling systems. Well, then, why not offer players gambling systems created by the casinos, for increasing the advantage of the casinos? That's the purpose of a gambling system such as Turnaround. It DOUBLES the house (casino) advantage. That is, a turnaround would DOUBLE the player's disadvantage!

Ian Harmer (he is harmful alright!) drowned in a sea of silence. He folded up, or mysteriously…turned around!

Turnaround system and Ion Saliu's gambling, roulette strategy, systems.

• Ion Saliu on gambling/betting systems based on doubling/increasing the bet after each win, such as Turnaround - read my follow-up "Kasinos Cheat by Offering Losing Gambling, Roulette Systems, Such As Turnaround"

There are losing streaks and there are winning streaks — that's mathematics. The casinos and many gambling authors, however, grossly disregard probability theory. They established a "law" that "assures" very long losing streaks for the player — but never for the gambling establishment. Don't give me that bull — the gambler's fallacy! If there is honesty, things should closely resemble the calculations of my probability software Streaks. There should be also a reversed gambler's fallacy, Lady Chance says!

Roulette gambling software proves that probability theory is mathematics of streaks – not what Turnaround preaches.

How to win Roulette, ruleta with mathematics, free systems, strategy, software.

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Turnaround gambling system is compared to Ion Saliu gambling methods, systems, roulette strategies.

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Turnaround gambling system and Ion Saliu's casino systems based on mathematics of streaks.


Ion Saliu's roulette strategy, systems vs. other systems. Roulette betting strategy systems vs Ian Harmer's Turnaround gambling system and other losing betting systems.

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Turnaround gambling system compared to Ion Saliu's roulette strategy.