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Automatic and User-Controlled Filters in Lotto, Lottery Software

By Ion Saliu, Software Builder At-Large

Built-in, external lotto, lottery filters, filtering software.

The latest version of MDIEditor and Lotto WE works directly with Powerball, Thunderball, Mega Millions, Euromillions type of lotto, lottery games. Very powerful and comprehensive lottery and gambling software, indeed.

Run the most comprehensive software for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, gambling, horseracing - MDIEditor and Lotto.

However, my command prompt lotto and lottery software is a lot more powerful. For starters, the programs work with 4 or 6 layers, as opposed to one layer in MDIEditor and Lotto WE. The layers are slices in a lottery data file to allow more filters, therefore a more dramatic reduction in the amount of lotto combinations to play.

The best software for all lottery and lotto games is known as Bright.

In Reply to: The most active lottery filters appear in 50-100 lotto drawings posted by KM on May 20, 2001.

• I don't get it. Isn't LotWon my software? Isn't it free lottery software without time limitations? Who else has the right to offer it for a “free” two-week trial?

You are talking about built-in filters. LotWon uses some considered to be automatic. The standard deviation is the key in determining the automatic built-in filters. For example: the combinations outside a normal sum-total range are discarded of.

The external filters are a lot more effective. You want wheels? You can use the “basic” MDIEditor and Lotto.

Look at the “Any” filters I presented in my reply above (to BigJer's post). Want “3 of 6” wheels? Set “Any-6” to 3. In a case like the line #3, you'll be guaranteed at least one “3 of 6”. Beware that such situations are rare. The good news is that the program will not generate any combinations in most cases. Want “4 of 6” wheels? Look at a low number in the “Any-4” column. The lowest, in our example, is in line 10: Any4=4. You set “Any6=4” and will be guaranteed “4 out of 6” in the situations when Any4 less than/equal to 4. Again, in most cases you may not get a single combination. You can look then for higher values, for example Any4=6. You will be guaranteed “4 out of 6” in the cases where Any4 less than or equal to 6 (drawings #1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10). It has a far better frequency.

That's how my LotWon works. I don't know about other “Lotwons” and I don't care much.

Ion Saliu

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Resources in Lottery Software, Systems, Lotto Wheeling

Built-in, external lotto, lottery filtering software.

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The external lottery filters in the lotto software are set by the user based on the statistical reports.

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The automatic filters in lottery software are built-in: lotto user can't set the filters.